New Overwatch Heroes, Maps, and Competitive Play Plans Discussed

Overwatch diversion executive Jeff Kaplan wrote a surprisingly minute post on a Blizzard’s Overwatch forums about where a first-person shooter is headed. He overwhelmed on some calm now in a pipeline, including new heroes, maps, and Competitive Play. However, he could not endorse any dates.

Kaplan suggested that there are some new heroes that “are really distant along and others that are only removing started.” He also mentioned that they’re operative on some antecedent heroes that competence never “see a light of day.”

Additionally, a executive suggested that a new map is now in Blizzard’s “production pipeline” and is carrying a art done.

“[The art team] are bustling creation it demeanour overwhelming and while they do that, we keep going behind and playtesting it to make certain zero altered between a early spin pattern blockout and a final “artified” chronicle of a map,” Kaplan said. He combined there are some antecedent maps though couldn’t dedicate to observant they’d be accessible one day.

“For example, we tested a map yesterday that was extraordinary nonetheless a sum disaster during a same time,” Kaplan explained. “[Lead spin engineer Aaron Keller] attempted some really innovative spin pattern tricks that we hadn’t finished before in [Overwatch]. On a upside, a map was really unique. But afterwards we ran into problems with steer lines and a map was fundamentally dominated by prolonged operation heroes, withdrawal heroes like Reaper most useless. So if we can repair a steer lines while not losing a altogether vision, that map competence spin into something some day.”

Competitive Play is Blizzard’s “big concentration right now,” Kaplan said. As of dual weeks ago, a mode was still on lane to recover in June. Kaplan says it’s “really distant along,” though he expects a group will make serve iterations after it goes live.

“We’re operative really tough to make it overwhelming during release, though there are some things we need to see and feel along with a vast race before we can scrupulously pointer off on a feature,” he said. “I expect Competitive Play will need a few season’s value of iteration before we’re in a place we wish to be.”

Kaplan also discussed changes a developer wants to make to Custom Games, a course system, and customization. You can review a full post here.

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