New Overwatch favourite Doomfist teased by Blizzard

Blizzard has expelled a teaser hinting during new sum about Doomfist, a super-powered knave approaching to be Overwatch’s subsequent playable hero. In an in-universe blog post today, a Times of Numbani suggested that a Talon classification targeted a limit confidence jail in sequence to giveaway one man: “Akande Ogundimu, improved famous as Doomfist.”

“It began in a early hours of a morning, when an unclear aircraft approached a facility. Security primarily reported that a qualification had no passengers on board, formed on radar scans. The qualification upheld by a operation of a installation’s invulnerability systems though incident, heading some to trust that Talon has moles within Helix. Video notice from within a devalue suggested a black murky figure rising from a qualification and forward on a jail grounds. The unclear assailant simply overcame a Helix confidence agents, withdrawal over a dozen dead. Medical annals of a casualties exhibit injuries and mobile lapse relating other incidents involving a niggardly famous as a Reaper, all though confirming a intrusion as a Talon attack.”

In a Overwatch timeline, this jail mangle took place roughly 3 months before to Doomfist’s attack on a Numbani airport, where we initial met Efi Oladele—the creator of Orisa. It was during that conflict that Ogundimu—previously identified usually as Doomfist—reclaimed a Doomfist gauntlet, that was formerly being toted by a Numbani payload. 

This is a initial new information given afterwards that we have about Doomfist, notwithstanding a favourite carrying been teased given a initial Overwatch cinematic trailer. Reddit commentors have pointed out that Akande is a Yoruba name definition “firstborn,” while Ogundimu is a comparatively common Nigerian surname. 

Based on how Blizzard has formerly rubbed new favourite releases, we can design another few teasers over a subsequent week or two, followed by expected a cinematic trailer introducing a new hero. At this point, Doomfist seems all though confirmed, generally deliberation that new PTR crashfiles enclosed a reference to Doomfist. Hopefully we’ll know some-more soon.

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