New Mod Lets You Play Breath Of The Wild As Linkle

Screenshot: YouTube

Link’s good and all, though The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild’s universe is too pleasing to try as him alone. That’s because players have modded other characters into a game, trimming from Sonic to Goku. Now there’s a mod adding one of a many apparent choices of all: Hyrule Warriors’ Linkle.

Created by modder lynard torpedo who goes by Dario Rolle on YouTube, “Linkle Mod and Bow” reskins a favourite of time as a crossbow-wielding shepherd initial introduced in a Zelda musou game. The impression doesn’t only demeanour opposite though—Dario also combined facial animations and some light voice behaving since, fortunately, a grunts one creates while violence adult moblins don’t need to change that many from diversion to game. It’s flattering good to watch:

Being means to play Breath of a Wild as someone other than Link is flattering cool, though Linkle fits in some-more naturally than most. Plus she gets to whack monsters with a crossbow in further to a common arsenal of swords. YouTuber BeardBear went as distant as to kick each trainer in a diversion as Linkle, that only goes to uncover how strong a mod is.

With a latest additions, that embody some dyeable armor sets and branch a Royal Halberd into a hulk crossbow, Dario says a mod is now finish and won’t be removing any some-more updates. It runs on a Cemu Wii U emulator, though if we don’t wish to fiddle around with all of that we can always wait for Linkle when Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition hits a Switch this spring.

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