New Horizon: Zero Dawn Update Now Available, Here’s What It Does [UPDATE]

Update: Hot on a heels of refurbish 1.21, Guerrilla has expelled another patch, chronicle 1.22. This resolves a pile-up that occurred when removing on certain mounts with a 1.21 refurbish installed. The strange story follows.

A new patch has arrived for PS4 disdainful Horizon: Zero Dawn. Unlike a many new one, that expanded a game’s Photo mode, a 1.21 refurbish deals essentially with regulating several bugs and other issues.

Many of these are associated to issues after disabling a HUD, though gameplay is also affected. For instance, a captivate call should no longer be means to lift a criminal from a other side of a camp. A series of course bugs that prevented players from advancing in a diversion have been resolved; these are minute in a full patch records below, though beware of intensity spoilers.

Some problems with Photo mode have been addressed as well. For instance, one emanate that’s been resolved–sadly, we would argue–involved throwing a stone and afterwards changing poses, that would means Aloy’s physique “to bend, twist, and spin rapidly.” At slightest Twin Peaks is now behind to fill that void.

Developer Guerrilla Games notes that if we run into a problem, we should initial try going behind to a new save. If that doesn’t work, take a screenshot, make note of your location, and send all of that to Guerrilla’s support team.

You can see all that’s altered in a patch records below.

Horizon: Zero Dawn 1.21 Update Patch Notes

General Fixes

  • Fixed an emanate with a captivate call, where some players could captivate bandits from a other side of a criminal camps, by shortening a range.
  • Fixed an emanate where for some players, ‘Strike from Above’ would not activate when entrance from a zip line.
  • Fixed an emanate with ‘Strike from Above’ where for some players Aloy would get stranded until a strike would be completed.
  • The ‘Inactive Quests’ toggle choice now also filters a ‘New Quests’ icons from a map screen.
  • Fixed an emanate with a communication markers when set to ‘always off’ in a tradition HUD menu. If some players positioned a camera by a bandit’s physique a communication markers would seem manifest again.
  • Fixed an emanate with a ‘Show HUD on touch’ menu choice not resetting to a default value.
  • Fixed an emanate where some players would not get a presentation when they have intended adult if they had a ‘XP bar’ underline set to ‘always off’ in a tradition HUD menu.
  • Fixed an emanate where some players could unexpected be thrown from a Tallneck’s conduct and killed when it creates a really pointy spin during a path.

Photo Mode Fixes

  • Fixed an emanate where changing poses after throwing a stone would means dispute between animations where Aloy’s physique would start to bend, spin and spin rapidly.
  • Fixed an emanate with a ‘Look At’ toggle and Body Poses being accessible during strike reactions that Aloy triggers on herself such as descending and grenade damage.
  • Fixed an emanate with Aloy rambling and tortuous if a actor selects a ‘Look At’ toggle shortly after shutting a focus.
  • Fixed an emanate where carrying prior Photo Mode settings active while in a new instance of Photo Mode with a Focus open would means animation issues when dire a triangle button.
  • Fixed an emanate with a ‘Greetings’ choice while on tip of a Spire, it would state a actor is located in a Estate.
  • Fixed an emanate with a ‘Greetings’ choice where a wrong continue outcome would be mentioned while during Mother’s Crown. Fixed an emanate with a ‘Field of view’ choice where it could means several turn of fact issues generally when unaware Meridian.

Progression Fixes


  • Fixed an emanate in “Hunter’s Blind” where some players can't swell past Hunter’s Blind and follow Talanah since Aloy was firm to a method of “The City of a Sun” quest.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Underequipped” where some players encountered that one of a objectives would turn vacant once finished if a actor started a query during Hunter’s Gathering.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Maker’s End” where some players were means to equivocate a course trigger, ensuing in a actor removing stranded on a ‘Go to Ted’s Office’ objective.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Deep Secrets of a Earth” where some players were not means to obtain a datapoints in Sobeck’s bureau if a actor wants to collect them adult after a blast caused by Helis, as they have disappeared.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed several diverse crashes.

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