New Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC Trailer Shows Off Its Gorgeous Environments

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s “Frozen Wilds” enlargement is entrance subsequent month, holding players to an area called a Cut. This is a “boreal wasteland” outward of a bottom game’s region. It’s a cold, snowy place, and utterly a noted change from a lush, colorful areas from a bottom game.

Now, Sony has expelled a new trailer for Frozen Wilds that shows off some of a environments players will find, including snowswept plateau and icy rivers. “It is a place where nothing though a many learned hunters brave venture, and those that do contingency tarry opposite dangerous new machines and frozen temperatures,” developer Guerrilla Games pronounced in a post on a PlayStation Blog.

The Frozen Wilds contains new storylines and characters, along with new machines to quarrel against. The enlargement is extended for PS4 Pro with improved graphics.

The Frozen Wilds launches on Nov 7. It costs $20, though if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, we can pre-order it now for $15. Pre-ordering gets we a Banuk Aloy avatar.

In other news, Sony recently announced a Horizon: Zero Dawn finish edition that comes with a bottom diversion and a Frozen Wilds expansion, along with all Digital Deluxe book content. It launches on Dec 5, labelled during $50 in a US.

Zero Dawn launched progressing this year and has sold some-more than 3.4 million copies. The open-world movement diversion is a noted change from what a first-person Killzone array that Guerrilla is maybe best famous for.

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