New Hire Suggests ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Developer Is Making A Multiplayer Game

Guerrilla Games brought on ex-Ubisoft employee, Simon Larouche into a ranks to work as a Game Director. As we might know, Larouche was formerly a Online Gameplay Director for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Not prolonged after this, a developer posted a new pursuit inventory seeking for field with online experience. And now, a studio has acquired Chris Lee, another former Ubisoft staffer who helped rise Rainbow Six Siege as a Game Designer. He joins a Dutch studio as Principal Game Designer.

That said, it now seems increasingly expected that Guerrilla Games is operative on some multiplayer project, since what else could explain all of a multiplayer diversion developer talent it is bringing in?

The studio recently doubled in size, suggesting that maybe it would focus to a two-game studio. One of a games is positively a supplement to Horizon: Zero Dawn, though what else does it have cooking?

Well, whatever it is, it appears to possibly be online/multiplayer focused or during slightest facilities online/multiplayer components heavily. Could it be a new Killzone diversion with a large multiplayer offering? Possibly. It also could simply be a multiplayer-only Killzone game. Or, maybe even some-more interestingly, a brand-new, mutliplayer-centric IP. And with all a Rainbow Six Siege talent entrance by a doors, maybe it will be suggestive of a renouned Ubisoft shooter.

At a finish of a day, all we can do is speculate. For all we know, a Horizon: Zero Dawn supplement is a usually diversion they have in a works, and maybe a additional manpower and online games imagination has been brought in to supplement multiplayer to a sequel. However, it seems doubtful that we would move on someone like Larouche, and not have him helm an online multiplayer game.


As a cliche goes though: usually time will tell. In a meanwhile, feel giveaway to strike a comments territory and let us know what we think. What is Guerrilla Games cooking up? Will we see a lapse of Killzone or a new IP? Will Horizon: Zero Dawn have multiplayer?

Thanks, ResetEra.