New Free Legendary Pokemon Now Available For Ultra Sun And Moon

June is strictly underway, that means another giveaway Legendary Pokemon is now accessible for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The Pokemon Company is stability a Year of Legendary Pokemon giveaway with another limited-time freebie for all seventh-gen Pokemon games, and this time it’s another Legendary from a Kalos region: Zygarde.

Unlike all of a past distributions this year, that offering a opposite Pokemon depending on that chronicle you’re playing, all players will accept a same Legendary this time around. What creates this Zygarde special, however, is that it’s a Shiny, that is really formidable to obtain by normal play.

Once again, a download formula will be accessible in a US by a specific retailer. This time, players will be means to collect one adult during participating GameStop stores from Jun 1-24. Those in Europe and Australia, meanwhile, will be means to accept a Legendary around Mystery Gift over a Nintendo Network.

While a Legendary we can accept this month stays unchanging opposite games, it’ll come versed with a singular Gold Bottle Cap if we redeem it in possibly Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. Similarly, Zygarde will come during a opposite turn and know a opposite moveset in a newer titles. You can see a attacks in any chronicle below.

Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon

  • Zygarde — Level 100
    • Thousand Arrows
    • Outrage
    • Extreme Speed
    • Dragon Dance

Pokemon Sun / Moon

  • Zygarde — Level 60
    • Land’s Wrath
    • Glare
    • Safeguard
    • Dragon Breath

To redeem your download code, name Mystery Gift from a games’ categorical menu and select a choice to accept your present around code/password. Input your formula and a Pokemon will be downloaded into your game. (Players in Europe and Australia will simply select a choice to accept your present around internet instead.) You can afterwards collect a Legendary adult from a deliveryman watchful inside any Pokemon Center.

Zygarde is usually a latest giveaway Legendary players could get this year, as The Pokemon Company has been giving divided a opposite Pokemon each month in 2018. Next month, players will be means to get possibly Tornadus or Thundurus from Pokemon Black and White. Until then, we can see all of a giveaway Pokemon accessible for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon right now.

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