New Final Fantasy XV Mod Lets You Jam Out to Your Own Tunes In …


Driving around with your boys in that duped out Regalia is a outrageous partial of a Final Fantasy XV experience. While Prompto shares his truth per selfies and Ignis goes off about his latest “recipaaaay,” removing to a subsequent end can be an engaging ride. At slightest now, interjection to a new mod, we can control what tunes we and a organisation jam out to.

Interested in downloading a mod for yourself? Here’s what we need to know, according to modder ‘LukeLC’:

Radio Tuner is a elementary focus for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition to totally customize your roadtrip audio experience. Listen to built-in tunes outward a game, trade them to your possess MP3s, or supplement your possess song library into a diversion around record replacement–all in a few clicks with a elementary GUI.


Simply download and remove a essence of a .zip record anywhere on your tough drive. No designation is required.

What’s New

  • Improved procedural header showing accuracy
  • Added initial support for *.mab and OGG-based *.sab/*.mab files (not guaranteed to work in-game)
  • Added support for unicode filenames
  • Improved trade audio quality

Known Issues

  • Not all *.sab/*.mab files are concordant with Radio Tuner. You might accept blunder messages from a focus itself or in-game audio might destroy to play as expected. Use during your possess risk!
  • In-game audio length is singular to a length of a lane being replaced. If a deputy lane is longer, it will be cut off.


1. Unlock Music

2. Import

Run FFXV Radio Tuner and wait for a focus to load. Once it’s ready, import a *.sab record from your Final Fantasy XV’s …SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonFINAL FANTASY XVdatassoundresources20000musicjp folder. This is where a Regalia’s song is stored (as against to unchanging diversion soundtrack).

Once a record has been imported, we can listen to it directly within Radio Tuner. Click a Play symbol on a left to begin, and click anywhere in a core standing box to adjust volume.

3. Export (Optional)

Radio Tuner facilities a ability to trade FFXV audio to a accumulation of some-more common formats, such as MP3, OGG, and WAV. Find a balance we unequivocally like? Add it to playlists of your own!


4. Replace

To supplement your possess song to Final Fantasy XV, you’ll need to reinstate a built-in track. Once you’ve alien a lane we have unbarred in a game, click Replace and navigate to a audio record you’d like to reinstate a in-game lane with. Input audio files can be probably any format, including MP3.

Once a record has been selected, a backup of a strange will be done (with a prolongation *.orig) and your lane will be converted to FFXV format in a place. To determine all worked correctly, import a record again and have a listen!

Ready to get jammin’? You can download a mod for yourself right here, PC users.

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