New Final Fantasy XV DLC Gives Noctis A Trendy Outfit

By Casey . May 31, 2017 . 8:00am


Final Fantasy XV has perceived a new installment of giveaway DLC on both a PlayStation Store and a Xbox Store. This time, Noctis gets a new “Trendy Outfit” around 3 opposite items: a Behemoth commemoration jacket, a King of Lucis pendant, and a Caelum watch.


The Behemoth coupler was creatively done to be a partial of a 7-Eleven partnership eventuality in Japan to foster FFXV. The coupler cost 35,000 yen while a real-life versions of a Caelum watch were labelled during 250,000 yen for a Chronograph models and 150,000 for a reduction costly models. Additionally, 4 versions of a King of Lucis pendants were done with several materials, labelled from 15,000 yen to 155,556 yen.


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While a real-life models of these equipment are expected tough to find now as they were limited-time promotional items, during a really slightest we can now get your hands on a in-game versions during no charge.


Final Fantasy XV is accessible for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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