New Augmented Reality Game Swaps "Pokemon GO" Nostalgia for Cryptocurrency

CryptoHunt wants to take on a beasts of mobile gaming, and it wants to do so by a blockchain. The augmented reality diversion uses a cryptocurrency prerogative complement to give players real-life money for completing tasks. If successful, it could revitalise a kind of summer disturb when millions scouted internal parks while personification Pokémon GO.

“We trust a biggest rain of Pokémon GO was their miss of credentials for a adoption that took place on release,” Michael McGehee, partner executive of selling during CryptoHunt, tells Inverse. “Our support is staid and prepared for mass adoption.”

Pokémon GO was an present strike when it launched in a summer of 2016, with 75 million installs in only one month. However, server issues from astonishing direct led to busted parties and a tapering of demand. While CryptoHunt can’t bank on nostalgia to fuel demand, a pull of cryptocurrency could tempt players, deliberation how a marketplace changed from being value $24.9 billion to $459 billion in only 12 months.

The demo chronicle of a diversion that launched final month bears distinguished similarities to Pokémon GO, with a user interface that sees a practical avatar walking over immature hills that conform to real-life location. This was a purchased interface used for proof purposes, and a final chronicle will use an in-house design when it launches in Jun 2018.

CryptoHunt's interface.CryptoHunt's interface.
CryptoHunt’s interface.

In a diversion itself, a impression called Professor Crypto asks a question, and a actor has to hunt around a city for a answers. Items are stored on a blockchain, and there are bonuses for elucidate in record time. Players are rewarded with tokens that have genuine value, and a destiny Visa CryptoHunt label will be means to money out their earnings. Users that finish 10 levels in a demo chronicle will accept a 10 percent reward on a final game.

“The categorical disproportion is that rather than throwing value-less sentimental Pokémon characters, you’ll be opening value chests filled with Crypto Hunt (CH) coins,” says McGehee. “CH are ERC-20 tokens built on a Ethereum platform, storable as an item and tradable for other crypto.”

An initial silver charity started Thursday and is set to interpretation Mar 15. After that, a group will build adult to a idea of holding on a Nintendo giant.

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