Nearly dual years later, we still play ‘Overwatch’ each day — here are 7 reasons because we can’t stop

Throughout a year, Blizzard Entertainment binds in-game events. There’s a Lunar New Year event, for instance, that is function right now. Last year, a diversion got a most indispensable Capture a Flag mode.

This year, that mode got a outrageous refurbish and a dedicated map:

These events are a possibility for Blizzard to supplement limited-time diversion modes, and to put in new outfits, and to generally correlate with a really active “Overwatch” community.

They’re fun, sure, though some-more importantly they make a diversion feel alive.

we know, for example, that we can usually get a limited-time Pharah outfit for a Lunar New Year during a duration when that eventuality is going on, so motivating me to play some-more than we already am. It’s a small thing that creates a large difference.

It also re-engergizes a diversion on an ongoing basis, as good as adding an ongoing fad to a actor bottom — a “What are they going to do next?” kind of thing.

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