Naughty Dog on ‘Stepping away’ from Uncharted and a destiny over The Last Of Us Part 2

Are there areas with that Naughty Dog competence be meddlesome in exploring? Is everybody buzzing with ideas?

Shaun Escayg: The whole studio is like that, everybody wants to try something new. There are so many new ideas, it’s a enlightenment during Naughty Dog, we adore ideas. 

The studio right now is only plentiful with new calm and new ideas building adult new worlds, new genres. it’s a consistent melting pot of new ideas.

Arne, we remember we observant a while behind that Naughty Dog wasn’t a dual diversion studio. Everyone is by-en-large at work on one plan during a time. So, presumably, everybody now moves onto The Last of Us 2. Knowing there’s that impulse on a setting after The Last of Us 2, certainly you’ve got to have some people beavering divided on solidifying ideas for that subsequent game.


Shaun, you’re grinning again…

Shaun Escayg: Sorry, that’s how we keep my poker face, by grinning during everything.

Arne Meyer: So, we can flattering most contend a whole studio will be focussed on The Last of Us Part Two once this is over.

At some point, tools of a group that will try to figure out what’s subsequent and how that goes when The Last of Us Part Two is full production.

We’ll see if there are intensity resources to gangling that can go into that find period, though it’s tough to tell now.

A lot of people went true from The Last of Us, true into Uncharted 4, true into Lost Legacy and those guys need a vacation.

And since we started unequivocally early on with The Last of Us Part Two it’ll take a while for people in a studio to figure out what’s next, where do we go subsequent and that projects we wish to consider about … so, if you’re holding out for UnKarted we could be watchful some time.

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