Naoki Yoshida Talks The Future Of Final Fantasy XIV And What Sets It Apart From The Competition

After another unusual year for Final Fantasy XIV, which enclosed a launch of its second critical DLC in a figure of Stormblood and saw a actor bottom grow to new heights, we were propitious adequate to squeeze some time with a MMO’s writer Naoki Yoshida to plead a development, a future, and what sets it detached from a other MMOs out there.

TSA: Last time we spoke we consider we were feeling a vigour of readying Stormblood for launch, utterly due to a comparatively brief space of time we had to ready for it. Are we complacent now? Or does a consistent growth of Final Fantasy XIV meant that usually doesn’t happen?

NY: Just after a recover of Stormblood we perceived so many new players, and so many also came back, so a server was indeed packaged and there was so many work around this to lessen a congestion. Also we wanted to recover Patch 4.1 as shortly as probable so that we worked together on that during a congestion, and in Aug there was a fan festival in China, and a fourth Iron Moon in early Sep [laughs] and during a finish of Sep we were contrast all on Patch 4.1. And during a commencement of Oct there was a fan festival in South Korea. And Paris Games Week final week. And now we’re in London! [laughs]. So there is no time to settle!

I’m going behind to Japan tomorrow, and dual weeks after that we’ll get a large comedown. Maybe!

TSA: Do we still adore it?!

NY: Yes! Just removing so many time to speak directly to fans and players around a universe – they’re giving us energy, and galvanising us. When we accommodate media, like yourselves, and all a questions are utterly positive, that is a proclivity to keep going, so it’s operative unequivocally unequivocally well!

TSA: There was a outrageous expostulate for accessibility with Stormblood. How do we consider that’s left now it’s been expelled and have those some-more outspoken long-term players staid into a changes?

NY: Because something is simplified, if you’re informed with any difficult thing, any change is going to feel uncomfortable. There’s a large categorical storyline on a behind of Stormblood, so if we play it like a singular actor game, afterwards we familiarize yourself with a new changes in a healthy way. There wasn’t too many difficulty or too many issues, so it seems as nonetheless they’ve eaten those changes naturally by going by a categorical storyline.

From a recover of 4.0 towards a recover of 4.1, we’ve been following those changes and holding them into consideration. For example, a changes to a movement and a new ability rotations has amalgamated all together so that players can kick a calm easier. Now we can see that many players have beaten a new calm while they familiarised themselves with a new changes, so in a destiny calm – patch 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 – we consider we’ll have already built a substructure to swell by so that people can suffer a diversion more.

TSA: Thanks to Stormblood’s success, you’ve upheld a miracle of 10 million players, that places we among a many successful MMOs of all time. What do we consider sets we detached from other new large name MMOs like Elder Scrolls Online or Star Wars: The Old Republic that also have large name franchises attached?

NY: What creates us opposite to those games is a refurbish speed and a volume of a content. We recover a lot of new things in a brief cycle, and that’s something that those others can’t unequivocally do. That’s since we keep doing it! People are unequivocally relieved that we’ve been adhering to a same settlement and releasing these packages and that’s since it became a advantage.

MMORPGs can also be compared with a marathon race; they start relocating a same, yet a longer it goes on you’ll start to see a difference. The other thing that creates us singular is a unequivocally abounding storyline, so these are a points [that set us apart].

TSA: With a stirring online patch for Final Fantasy XV, do we consider there’s apropos reduction call for candid singular actor Final Fantasy games, and is it all usually going to pull towards a same indicate in a future?

NY: In a destiny a online component has to be critical for any form of game. It’s not indispensably going to be a good thing yet many games have a day one prohibited repair implemented. Currently those high definition, high peculiarity standalone games are built with an huge volume of cost and tellurian resources, and utterly for a graphics resources it’s a bit of a rubbish usually to use them for a categorical diversion and not use them again.

If a standalone diversion is expelled and everybody is happy about it, it’s usually healthy to use those characters already in a categorical diversion and move new calm to give it a new, unique, diversion experience, so it’s something that all growth teams are now thinking. Also from a business indicate of view, it’s utterly profitable as well, so it’s some-more like a healthy cycle now. What we need to make certain is that we have to recover a finish game, not to rest on DLC to finish a categorical diversion experience.

TSA: Final Fantasy XIV has already done a burst from one console era to a next, do we think, given a turn of success it’s achieving, that it could make a burst nonetheless again in a future?

NY: One of a policies for a game, and for a team, is that we’ve put a lot of bid into it so we wish to generate it out to as many players as possible. We don’t wish to have any restrictions regardless of inclination or platforms so if a new console was entrance into a market, of march we’d wish to be on it.

Another process we have since we have one large community, is that it’s cranky platform. Even nonetheless a sourroundings is opposite to any player, everybody can play together, and that’s something that’s truly critical for Final Fantasy XIV. This is a representation that we’re creation to a initial celebration height holders and that’s a simple process that has to be met.

It competence be easy to make a chronicle of Final Fantasy XIV for Xbox, yet we can’t have any stipulations that a server would be only for Xbox players. When a village [grows] in a future, we wouldn’t wish a thought that you’re not to be means to accommodate your friends, so that’s what height holders have to have in mind.

TSA: Finally, as a actor is there anything we still wish to see in Final Fantasy XIV, or have we now done it your ideal game?

NY: There are so many elements we still wish to put into a game! we assume that many other developers will answer a same. If we make something that’s a ideal diversion you’d have to stop operative on it, or never work on anything else! The ideal conditions is all about viewpoint – is it from a developer’s viewpoint or a player’s perspective? I’m a unequivocally hardcore MMORPG gamer so introducing a PK server to a diversion is a cold idea, yet again, in terms of Final Fantasy XIV a lot of players competence contend a PK server is nonsense!

So it’s usually a personal view, and we have to have a developers indicate of view, and a business one – it’s utterly difficult! – yet again it creates a preference and a approach of meditative unequivocally interesting!

Thank we to Naoki Yoshida for articulate to us. If you’re still to try out Final Fantasy XIV afterwards there’s been no improved time, with a giveaway hearing available that allows we to entrance all of a game’s accessible calm adult to turn 35, emanate adult to 8 playable characters, and knowledge a opposite playable races, classes, and jobs with no restrictions on playtime. New players who wish to knowledge a giveaway hearing can register here:

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