Mysterious No Man’s Sky audio tapes flog off an illusory ARG

It’s been a few months given we final saw any activity on a No Man’s Sky front, when Hello Games expelled a 1.22 patch that brought “exocraft” buggies to any universe in a galaxy. But it appears that something new, and potentially big, is in a works. Reddit mods have been receiving packages from a studio given late final week containing NMS sell of several sorts and a single, numbered audio cassette, any of them carrying a dark message. 

There are apparently 16 audio tapes in all, and they’re really solemnly being uploaded to a net for examination—not all of them have been perceived yet, and as NeoGAF user legacyzero forked out in his outline of events so far, “Nobody owns a goddamn cassette player.” Another problem, as seen in these captures of Discord chats, is that some users don’t wish to share what they’ve received, nonetheless one of them claimed that Hello Games pronounced it “expected this to occur and will assistance us out when needs be.” 

So during this indicate it’s unfit to contend what information they will collectively contain, though spectrographic analyses of dual of a recordings have suggested a same set of characters on both: 706s7274616p. Run that by an ROT13 converter and we finish adult with a correct hexadecimal string, 706f7274616c, that when converted to ASCII leaves a singular word: Portal.   

The word is generally predicting in light of a note that came with during slightest one of a packages: “The hulk gateway calls out to me, stuffing my mind with whispered secrets of a far-flung world.” That’s indeed a line from a game, and also an reference to a portals that seem on certain planets that, to this point, nobody has been means to figure out how to operate. 

It seems sincerely transparent that whatever is going on here—if there is in fact something function during all—is somehow associated to those structures. Passageways to sparkling new planets, or even an wholly opposite galaxy, presumably one some-more in line with initial actor expectations? Perhaps it will work a other way, and we’ll have bizarre new visitors entrance to us. Or it could be something many some-more mundane, that I’d theory is a many expected outcome—a approach to accommodate other intergalactic explorers, maybe. 

I’ve emailed Hello Games for some-more information, and will refurbish if and when we accept it. For now, we can keep adult with a maturation poser in a Cassettes Megathread

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