Mysterious New Pokémon Labelled ‘???’ Now Appearing In ‘Pokémon GO’

The puzzling new Pokemon.Credit: Paul Tassi

Earlier today, we was articulate to a associate tutor during a Mewtwo raid in Pokémon GO(I threw 9 good curveballs with no catch, so good news there). He had been pushing to a city for village day when he saw something sparkling on his circuitously screen: a silhouette of a Pokémon he didn’t have nonetheless that looked arrange of like a several and changeable Unown. He gathering out of his approach to go squeeze a thing: it would have done him late for village day, though a new Pokédex entrance is a new Pokédex entry. When he found it, however, he was greeted by an greatly uncanny looking new quadruped labeled “???” that remade into a Ditto on catch. He was intrigued, though really not happy.

Such was substantially a knowledge of thousands of trainers around a universe when they saw whatever this new thing is called: Paul Tassi has called it a Dittonut. Considering they all spin into Ditto, it is, on a technical level, a Ditto. But Ditto imitates other Pokémon, and so that means there is still some arrange of new Pokémon or Pokémon form represented here. At initial we suspicion it was a bug, though now I’m not so sure. For one thing, this would be an elaborate, multi-stage bug, and if that was a box Niantic would substantially have held it by now. There’s also glossy and non-shiny variants in a diversion code, that creates a thought of placeholder art reduction likely. By distant a many convincing justification for this being unintended to some grade is that the Pokémon looks so uncanny that it’s tough to suspect it creation it in there on purpose. It creates much-maligned Klefki demeanour really artful.

Still, something is cleary adult with this. Global Marketing Lead for Pokémon GO Kento Suga tweeted out an picture of a quadruped accompanied by a elementary “???”. That doesn’t seem like a arrange of thing we do for a technical error.

So I’m now awaiting this Dittonut poser to continue for a small bit before entrance to a conclusion, that we design to be an central proclamation of some kind. The major speculation is that this has something to do with an upcoming Pokémon game, either that’s Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee or a arriving mainline Switch RPG. The former dual games would make sense: they’re meant to be deeply integrated into Pokémon GO, and so announcing a new Pokemon in a mobile diversion before releasing it with a Switch games would make sense.

There is early fashion for revealing Pokémon outward of a mainline RPGs. Fans of a array and anime will remember Togepi, that was initial suggested in a anime before creation a approach to a Game Boy games. It was an critical pierce during a time, resolutely establishing Pokémon’s temperament as a crossmedia franchise. 

Regardless, a creature’s in-game coming followed by central acknowledgment creates it most reduction expected that this is placeholder art. It’s now a genuine mystery, however, and there’s something fun about that: a diversion hasn’t seen one of these given people were sport for Ditto and Mew prolonged before their tangible release, and a end to that poser was only that Niantic went forward and expelled Ditto and Mew. This is an conscious doubt mark–three of them, we suppose–thrown out into a community, a arrange of thing we see in other games though that Pokemon GO hasn’t unequivocally indulged in yet.

Expect some-more news on this soon: Niantic has betrothed some-more surprises on a approach after a Mewtwo announcement, and this really counts. It was a large summer for Pokémon GO, and it looks like a developer is shaping adult ways to keep that movement going into fall.

In a meantime, glory if you’ve been looking for a Ditto, we suppose.

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