MVR Seek to Fund Stand-Alone VR Headset Through Crowdfunding [Updated]

The centre belligerent for practical existence (VR) is not an area that has seen most activity as of yet. Oculus and Vive are both formulation stand-alone VR headsets in a future, so a competition is now on to interest out a mid-range market. MVR, a VR complement developer is formulation to use crowdfunding to assistance it contest with a large names.

MVR are not simply seeking to emanate a new VR headset. The company’s aspiration is to spin existent console videogames into untethered VR practice for a MVR headset, patrician a Ascend. MVR reportedly has a capability to simply modify existent titles into VR for discerning and inexpensive porting to a Ascend system.

The association has launched a debate to lift £500,000 (GBP) regulating equity crowdfunding height Crowdcube. MVR have pronounced they are formulation a ‘two-pronged approach’ to enter a VR marketplace and contest with determined names such as Oculus by doing dual things; The initial involves formulating and patenting a VR complement that allows users to play videogames with informed titles from launch. The second The second is to offer developers a elementary approach to pier existent titles into VR.

“We trust this is truly disruptive since we are inhabiting a center marketplace between a dual tier fragmented VR universe we are now faced with,” pronounced an MVR orator in a statement, “On one side of a VR spectrum we have a low finish – inexpensive cosmetic versions of Google Cardboard that can usually play smartphone apps. On a other palm we have immersive though costly connected systems that miss peculiarity AAA games (Games with top growth bill and levels of promotion).”

A obvious is pronounced to have already been filed for a complement to adjust obvious titles such as a Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Mirrors Edge into VR, and a operative antecedent is pronounced to exist.

VRFocus will move we serve news on a MVR Ascend as it becomes available.

Update: The debate idea was primarily incidentally settled as £50,000 and not a £500,000 tangible goal. VRFocus apologises for this error.

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