More Twitch Prime rob boxes are entrance to Overwatch subsequent week

If we haven’t redeemed your Twitch Prime golden rob box in Overwatch, do it now. Next week a offer ends—but another will take a place.

Though a golden rob box offer ends on Aug. 10, another Twitch Prime Overwatch present will reinstate it. From Aug. 10 to Sept. 10, Twitch Prime members will be means to redeem 5 Overwatch rob boxes.

Unlike a initial Twitch Prime offer, these are only unchanging rob boxes. You’re not guaranteed a mythological item. Instead, you’ll get during slightest one object of singular peculiarity or aloft in any box.

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Overwatch’s Summer Games eventuality will be live come subsequent week—but a rob boxes given out by Twitch Prime won’t enclose eventuality items, according to Blizzard. That means nothing of a 40 and new items—or old equipment creation their return—will be found in a Twitch Prime rob boxes.

To redeem your rob box formula subsequent week, only conduct to a Twitch Prime Overwatch site to explain a key. From there, you’ll conduct to a Overwatch website to redeem pronounced code. Open Overwatch to check out your rob boxes.

If we have mixed Twitch Prime accounts for some reason, we can’t smoke-stack your rob into one Blizzard account. You’ll have to widespread it around to friends. Only one formula will work per Overwatch account.

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