More Pokémon Sun and Moon mega stones adult for grabs

As rumors of an incoming revamp abound, Pokémon Sun and Moon have 5 new reasons to keep players interested. A handful of giveaways are now live in a Nintendo 3DS games, including both a singular mega mill equipment and a chronicle disdainful Pokémon that Sun owners will be certain to want.

From now until Jun 5 during GameStop, visitors can collect adult codes for a Pokémon Lycanroc, that comes in a Pokémon Moon-exclusive “midnight form.” The rock-type wolf usually evolves into this some-more melancholy movement when it evolves from Rockruff during night, and usually in Pokémon Moon. That creates it a good get in sold for anyone who owns Pokémon Sun and has nonetheless to trade for a Pokémon.

Also accessible is a preference of four new mega stones to use in Sun and Moon. These power-ups are concordant with Pidgeot, Steelix, Houndoom and Heracross, unlocking their special mega forms. To clear them, players need usually enter a cue “AZUL” on a Mystery Gift menu screen.


These forms are what a new mega stones unlock.
The Pokémon Company

The locate is that nothing of these 4 Pokémon are local to Sun and Moon’s executive region, Alola, so players will have to import them by a Pokémon Bank app. That’s a tiny cost to compensate for removing some new, cold versions of classical Pokémon to play with, however — literally: Pokémon Bank costs $4.99 annually.

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