More Details on Final Fantasy XIV’s Under a Moonlight Update is Here!

May 17, 2018Written by John Abrena

More information about Final Fantasy XIV’s new patch 4.3, or improved famous as Under a Moonlight, has arrived! Now, players get to see some-more preview on what’s enclosed on a patch.

We have lonesome a Story and New Dungeon before, and now, here are a rest of a new updates:

final anticipation xiv underneath a light sum 1

Return to Ivalice

Alliance Raid Dungeon

South of Rabanastre, in a remote dilemma of a Valnard Sea gapes a deep beak that, for centuries, has solemnly devoured a universe around it: Ridorana. Whether we trust a deluge healthy consternation or demon-torn embankment to a really underworld, journeys to her corner should be done with a pinnacle caution, saying as nothing who have stumbled into a dark have ever returned to tell their tale. An ancient spire once used by a Dalmascans as a beacon rises defiantly above a churning waters to advise forethoughtful and great alike. It is into this spire that a remade Ba’Gamnan has fled. It is into this ruin that we contingency follow.

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The Four Lords

Side Story Quests

The Four Lords─greatest of a auspices─once fought to urge a Ruby Sea and her people from shocking forces. Though a Warrior of Light and his comrades managed to save a essence of Byakko, one of these ancient guardians, they are not nonetheless prepared to face a hazard that looms on a horizon. And so a auspice Genbu considers a rather unusual training method…

final anticipation xiv underneath a light sum 3

Beast Tribe Quests

The Namazu, notwithstanding their appetizing total and debility to tea, have survived a centuries to flower within a walls and jars of Yuzuka Manor─until now. Now, they face a predestine that would doom their tribe, one and all, to be wiped from a face of Hydaelyn! But one Namazu would nonetheless mount opposite these army of destruction. Boldly, proudly, he would mount between his brethren and certain annihilation. Yes, one eminent Namazu would mount defiant…if he could usually mount up.

 final anticipation xiv underneath a light sum 4

The Weapon’s Refrain (Ultimate)


Just as warriors rage their spirits in battle, so too does a erratic muse file his qualification by colorful retellings of drastic deeds. His delivery of your delight over a Ultima Weapon takes a threads of story and weaves them into an epic tapestry. However, his ballad contains so many embellishments and fabrications that it bears small similarity to your possess tale, and we consternation if he was even listening to you. Nevertheless, we find yourself definitely captivated─whisked divided to a terrain that exists usually in your mind’s eye…

 final anticipation xiv underneath a light sum 5

Custom Deliveries

Kurenai has a dream. And to comprehend that dream, she needs tradition deliveries. As a Disciple of a Hand or Land, we competence minister to her aspiration to move change to Sui-no-Sato. And who knows? If we do adequate for her cause, she competence even let we dress her up…

Doman Reconstruction

Having expel off a majestic border after twenty-five years, a people of Doma are giveaway during last. A new day dawns…but it will be a day of work, for a enclave many call home stays a shade of a former self. The Shazenkai, an classification shaped to promote a reformation and revitalization of a settlement, is prepared to lead a way─but they will need to demeanour to others if they are to attain in this confidant endeavor.

 final anticipation xiv underneath a light sum 6

Duty Finder Update

The Gold Saucer

The Gold Saucer has a horde of attractions, and participating in a dual premier events has never been easier. Whether you’re during a Gold Saucer or a universe away, a Duty Finder can be used to join chocobo races, Lord of Verminion’s NPC master battles, and a all-new Lord of Verminion master contest battles!

Cross-World Linkshells

Bridge a opening between Worlds with a new cross-world linkshell system. Keeping in reason with friends on a same information core has never been easier.

 final anticipation xiv underneath a light sum 7

Glamour Dresser


There is no larger query than seeking a ideal outfit, and a glorious dresser is here to help. This already atmospheric commode of wardrobe can now reason a larger accumulation of gear. What’s more, any wardrobe incited into glamours can now be easy to a strange form.

Message Books


Wondering if friends forsaken by your estate to contend hello? Leave a summary book to pointer and consternation no longer! Perhaps you’ll even find courteous records from an astonishing caller.

 final anticipation xiv underneath a light sum 8



When stepping onto a battlefield, one contingency be prepared for anything, and Frontline campaigns are no exception. With a new daily revolution between a Fields of Glory, Seal Rock, and a Borderland Ruins, a Grand Companies are certain to keep adventurers on their toes.

Performance Actions

The minstrel movement Performance receives serve improvements with new instrument tones combined to a repertoire. What’s more, players can now share a present of song in some-more areas!

 final anticipation xiv underneath a light sum 9

New Mounts

Be it by land, sky, or sea, these new mounts will take we where we need to go.

New Minions

Be a enviousness of your associate adventurers with these darling wind-up toys.

 final anticipation xiv underneath a light sum 10

New Hairstyles

These new hairdos are firm to leave an impression!

New Emotes

Express yourself with these new gestures and poses!

Final Fantasy XIV: Under a Moonlight patch refurbish will be accessible on May 22, 2018.

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