Moons of Madness First Look: What if Firewatch Went Horror?

Can we try mental illness on Mars? That’s what Rock Pocket Games wish to do in their arriving first-person fear diversion Moons of Madness.

While we can’t contend how most Moons of Madness succeeds on that front formed on my brief 20-minute demo, a surreal story of siege and patrimonial troubles – set opposite a tough sci-fi backdrop with some Lovecraftian inspirations churned in for good magnitude – serves as an engaging substructure so far.

Moons of Madness is a fear diversion with a personal story to tell.

What stands out to me roughly immediately during my demo of Moons of Madness are a problem-solving elements. More new first-person fear games like Outlast 2 and Layers of Fear have mostly ditched puzzles — a presence fear tack that we dearly skip — in preference of a condemned house-style approach. It’s probable to strike a change between hopping from one scripted eventuality to a subsequent and perplexing to consider true adequate to solve problems in a face of appearing danger, and Moons of Madness seems to be on that path.

As my impression Shane Newehart’s corsair comes creaking to a hindrance on a dry aspect of Mars, a voice over a radio — Shane’s investigate partner, Orson — tells me to indicate it with something called a Biogage to locate a source of a problem. After stumbling around a rover, opening cabinets and during one indicate anticipating a family print of Shane’s, we figure out how to activate a arm-mounted scanning complement Orson was articulate about and identified a issue: inadequate energy distribution.


The scanning complement could have some engaging uses.

Being means to locate glimpses of Shane’s personal life while grappling with his rover’s technical issues, total with a choice to pronounce with Orson or omit his transmissions, reminds me of Firewatch, with a small SOMA churned in. Shane is a professional, stationed during a initial investigate outpost on Mars, though he has a family life and a celebrity outward of being a frightened fear diversion protagonist. (Just moments before a corsair close down, he was contention with Orson about a low-pitched merits of The Rolling Stones vs. David Bowie.) we contemplate a family print and a summary scrawled on a behind as we yank a energy wire from a behind of a corsair lax and set out on feet to find an opening to insert it to. Orson says something spiteful about my “radio silence” — moments earlier, we had incidentally cut him off as we exited a rover, and found it comical he’d noticed.

Glancing down during Shane’s Biogage lets me know what a energy opening I’m looking for indeed looks like, and can prominence interactive objects in a evident vicinity. The scanning automechanic seems like it will come in accessible if Moons of Madness chooses to ramp adult a nonplus difficulty, that could be a good thing. Puzzles are good in fear games, though a categorical evidence opposite them is how inferior they can get. we don’t mind a built-in spirit complement as an option.


Managing your oxygen levels could make for some moving scenarios.

While I’m questioning a circuitously energy station, Shane gets his initial “vision.” It’s a duration flickering in a fabric of reality, like a glitch in a Matrix — one moment, a energy dungeon is there, plugged into a console, and a subsequent it’s gone. Orson assures me there are some-more around, so we go out hunting. The shallow I’m on is a wide, umber cliffside where dozens of large solar panels mount tall, lifted adult to a object that hangs high over a hollow below. As we ramble around and take in a sights, we make certain to pitch by a circuitously stuffing hire to refill my oxygen supply. Glancing down lets we check your atmosphere levels, displayed on a HUD built into Shane’s helmet, that keeps a shade giveaway of any brazen UI. we never had to understanding with using low on air, though carrying a consistent apparatus like that to conduct in a core of a fear diversion has to be stressful, and we demeanour brazen to saying how Moons of Madness explores it some-more fully.

There are 3 solar row stations to attend to in sequence to get a energy behind on. we reposition one territory of panels already versed with a energy dungeon before streamer behind out to find a blank one, that we eventually find in an deserted construction corsair during a dilemma of a ridge. After we squeeze it, Shane starts to plainly reminisce about his mom as we repair a second set of panels.


“There’s a lot about this place that reminds me of my mother,” he says. After Orson mocks him, he elaborates, “It’s a immeasurable emptiness, we suppose, a overpower and waste of it all,” before explaining that his mom could mount in a room with one hundred people and still be totally alone.

If Moons of Madness is a diversion about loneliness, a gloom of Mars already feels like an good setting.

The final row control hire is collapsed, so we use my Biogage to couple in and reposition a panels remotely. Then things get weird.


Everything immediately goes low — a solar panels, a machinery, and even a sky — and a collection of damaged voices we haven’t listened before start stuttering on a radio. Things blink behind to normal for a moment, though attempting to correlate with a categorical energy console triggers whatever part had started earlier, and I’m submerged in a misty dark once again. we start to event behind down a mountain towards a shallow as a machine around me blinks into non-existence, and during a bottom of a trail we mark a cavern that wasn’t there before.

Feels some-more Firewatch than Amnesia.

In a cave, Shane hears his mom job to him. we travel by a hovel and eventually come out into a wider area, where we see a figure clawing itself out from a round imprinting during a core of a room. The thing (which appears to be wearing an wanderer fit and deduction to blink around a room for a moment) is reduction unsettling to me than what we event on subsequent — an whole territory of a cave, forged out and assembled to demeanour like a damaged dilemma of a home. A disaster of wooden building play act as a angled trail adult to a collapsing vital quarters, finish with patterned wallpaper, pictures, lighting fixtures, and a list with a minute of some significance to Shane, who gasps when he sees it. When we collect it up, what we trust is Shane’s mother’s voice starts to review it. we put a minute down presumption a exegesis would continue, though it unfortunately cuts off — I’ll have to wait until a full diversion to know what it says.


Once we put a minute down, there’s a burst scare. Not a really good one, though we don’t get dismayed easily, so I’m not a best decider of burst scares. More engaging to me are a weird, illusory tendrils, like a roots of some visitor tree, that we see tedious into a cavern from a roof. we follow a trail by and eventually come to another square of Shane’s home, forged into a cave. His mom stands there whimpering, and when we go to proceed her, she stabs me with a kitchen knife.

Shane awakens outside, retaining a square of damaged potion subsequent to a collapsed solar panel, with a voice of Orson job to him. The demo ends.

While we was put off by a clearly abnormal quadruped erratic a cavern system, Shane’s visions of his mom and a approach he has clearly carried some mishap involving her 33.9 million miles divided from home could make for a sci-fi fear story that’s some-more Firewatch than it is Amnesia, and I’m totally on house with that.

Chloi Rad is an Associate Editor for IGN. Follow her on Twitter during @_chloi.

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