Monster Hunter World’s Next Horizon Zero Dawn Quest Available Now For A Limited Time

Monster Hunter World players on PS4 have already had an event to qualification an exclusive set of Watcher Palico gear desirous by Horizon Zero Dawn, and now they’ll have a possibility to dress like Horizon protagonist Aloy herself. The second partial of Monster Hunter World’s Horizon crossover event is now live, and as before, you’ll usually have a singular time to finish it.

From now until Mar 15, players can embark on a new Event Quest called The Proving. This six-star goal requires a Hunter Rank of 11 or aloft to accept, and it takes place in a Ancient Forest. The design of a query appears to be sincerely straightforward–hunt an Anjanath–but this sold beast is most incomparable than a ones players have encountered in a diversion so far.

“Many enthralling machines seem in Horizon Zero Dawn, though a one that done a biggest sense on a Monster Hunter: World growth group was a Thunderjaw,” Monster Hunter writer Ryozo Tsujimoto explained on a PlayStation Blog. “Anjanath has a really identical fundamental structure to a Thunderjaw, so we felt it was a best fit to be a categorical counter in a quest, though not only any Anjanath would do. This Anjanath is during a scale that many players will have never before encountered, and your standard attacks might not strech a height.”

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Completing The Proving query will prerogative we with materials that can be used to qualification Aloy’s Bow and armor set. Equipping a full set will change your hunter’s coming to resemble Aloy, regardless of your character’s gender. You can find out accurately how to clear Aloy’s armor and crawl in a guide. You can also take a demeanour during some screenshots of a rigging in a gallery above.

The initial Horizon-themed Event Quest in Monster Hunter World, Lesson of a Wild, ran until Feb 8. If we missed out on that query a initial time around, you’ll shortly have another possibility to get a Palico gear. Tsujimoto suggested that Event Quests work on a “rotating schedule,” so a Lesson of a Wild query will lapse to a diversion again “at a after date.”

In further to a new Horizon Event Quest, some PS4 players can also still take partial in Monster Hunter World’s first Street Fighter V quest. Those who have a save record of Street Fighter V on their console can accept a Event Quest patrician Down a Dark, Muddy Path, that will prerogative players with element to emanate a set of Ryu armor. That query and a second one for Sakura armor will be accessible to all PS4 and Xbox One players during a after date.

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