Monster Hunter World’s Next Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Quest Detailed

The initial partial of Monster Hunter World’s Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover eventuality is now over, definition PS4 players can no longer get a Watcher rigging set for their Palico. However, a second partial of a eventuality is on a approach in a integrate of weeks, and now Capcom has common some some-more sum to assistance players ready for it.

The subsequent Horizon-themed Event Quest is called The Proving. While we don’t know accurately what a query will entail, Capcom has suggested that it involves sport down a hulk Anjanath. You’ll also need to strech Hunter Rank 11 or aloft before we can accept a quest.

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The Proving starts on Feb 28 and runs until Mar 5. Completing a query will prerogative we with materials to qualification Aloy’s crawl and armor, that we can take a demeanour during above. Equipping Aloy’s armor will change your entrance to demeanour like a Horizon protagonist, regardless of your hunter’s gender.

The Horizon Event Quests and rigging are disdainful to a PS4 chronicle of Monster Hunter World, though those aren’t a usually crossover costumes entrance to a game. Capcom also suggested a span of Street Fighter V armor that turns your hunter into Ryu and Sakura. In further to that, players will have a possibility to get retro Mega Man armor for their Palico.

Monster Hunter World expelled for PS4 and Xbox One final month and set a new sales record for Capcom. The diversion is also slated to arrive for PC, though that chronicle won’t launch until someday this fall. If you’re looking for some-more to do in a game, we’ve dull adult all of a Event Quests and bonuses accessible in Monster Hunter World right now.

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