Monster Hunter World’s subsequent Horizon Zero Dawn crossover query …

Unlocks Aloy full armour and bow.

Published 27/02/2018

Monster Hunter World’s second Horizon Zero Dawn crossover query will embark tomorrow on PlayStation 4, and Capcom has offering final details.

When Monster Hunter World launched final month, it brought a special eventuality query enabling PS4 players to qualification Palico armour that resembled a Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn. This second partnership query (which was teased well before a game’s release) unlocks a ability to forge armour that turns hunters into Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonist Aloy. You can see both a hunter and Palico rigging in movement below.

To clear a transformational full armour set (known as “Aloy α”), as good as Aloy’s Bow, players will need to finish a new The Proving eventuality query – requiring a successful rejecting of a hulk Anjanath in a Ancient Forest.

“This Anjanath is during a scale that many players will have never before encountered”, says Capcom, “and your standard attacks might not strech a height”. Given a inhuman demeanour, hunters will need have reached Rank 11 in sequence to accept a quest.

The Horizon Zero Dawn eventuality query starts during midnight GMT on Feb 28th – that’s 1.00am CET – and will run until Mar 15th during 23:59 GMT / 00.59 CET.

Capcom also records that Monster Hunter World’s partnership quests will run on a rotating schedule, definition that players can try quests they missed formerly – such as a Horizon Zero Dawn Palico quest, or a some-more new Street Fighter crossover – during a after date.

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