Mom, ‘Final Fantasy’ and a Language of Gaming

As a child innate in a Dutch-Egyptian household, I’ve grown adult with denunciation all around me. Kids flourishing adult in a Netherlands -a tiny European nation that speaks Dutch, a denunciation oral by underneath 25 million people on Earth- are mostly taught Dutch and English as partial of their simple education. In aloft credentials they are taught French, and German, and in even aloft credentials levels, students can opt for Classical Latin and Greek. On tip of all those, we was taught Egyptian by my father, who immigrated to a Netherlands a decade before we was born.

When you’ve been regulating a denunciation for all of your life, tools of it spin healthy adequate that they are all yet invisible to you. we was reminded of this early on in my attribute with my now-wife, who was innate in a United States and is practicing her Dutch as her first, second language. She infrequently constructs sentences in approach that are logically correct, yet not scold Dutch. She will ask me questions about how to contend something, and afterwards ask me given that is correct. To my frustration, some-more mostly than not, we do not have a gratifying answer: That’s usually how it is. At a same time, I’ve schooled a lot about a oddities and story of my local denunciation listening to her reckoning out how to speak, read, and listen.

If we pronounce English as your initial language, chances are that we pronounce some-more Dutch than we think. Pretty many any naval tenure – ship, sea, anchor, haven, stream – are difference a English denunciation alien from a Germanic and Nordic tribes that lived in a linguistic crossroads that is now a Netherlands. As denunciation developed over thousands of years, infrequently from common roots, infrequently separately, ideas of sounds, phonemes, words, structures, grammars fragmented into smaller languages and churned as people alien and exported difference – initial on a genealogical level, yet afterwards as amiability started roving a globe, on a tellurian level.

My relatives instilled in me a venerate of denunciation and story around my life. As we was flourishing up, my father mostly common his downright trust of non-Western story – stories and perspectives of how a star came to be as it is that we was never taught during school. My mom could interpret a bizarre difference on a ancient churches of a Netherlands given she review Latin, and kept stacks of books on story and chronological languages dark underneath a cupboard in a room of our’s when we was still too brief a child to see what was on tip of a cabinet.

There has always been one denunciation we control that we knew my relatives do not, and it’s a denunciation of computers. From childhood, we used a hand-me-down computers that a domicile could afford, and by MS-DOS terminals, games, and programming, we became smooth in mechanism prolonged before we became smooth in English. By a time we was programming tiny interactive story games during age six, we could not interpret a word ‘if-else’ if we tried, yet we could write programs regulating those phrases yet a second thought. MS-DOS commands like “REN” for rename, “DEL” for delete, and “CD” for change office would not make clarity to me as abbreviations for years, yet they finished sum clarity to me as authority we could use to manipulate a computer. Over a years, my augmenting fluency in English, math, electronics, and computers taught me a structure of a computer, and a words, concepts, structures, and grammars of using, manipulating, building, and programming these increasingly formidable devices.

So where my relatives taught me Dutch and Arabic, we attempted to learn them usually adequate mechanism to use a inclination properly. The law is that in complicated days, we don’t unequivocally have to be smooth in computers to use them – a inclination are intelligent adequate to do many of a complicated lifting for we when we try to communicate. While their computers, networks, TVs, mobile phones, tablets, and other such inclination functioned properly, if something stopped working, we am customarily a chairman that can repair them. My relatives did a lot for me in lifting me and ensuring we had opportunities in life. we unequivocally don’t mind regulating a Wi-Fi.

Everything yet a heart of it
I’ve been a diversion developer for as prolonged as we can remember, and professionally I’ve been a co-founder, manager, and programmer of eccentric games studio Vlambeer for roughly a decade. We’re a tiny team, yet a games have reached general success and acclaim, and we spend a infancy of any year roving to other diversion growth communities around a star to learn, share knowledge, and support in substantiating artistic industries in South America, Africa, a Middle East, and Asia. Throughout those travels, I’ve met many of my current-day friends, colleagues, business partners, and my wife.

I revisit my relatives any weekend that we am in a Netherlands, and after a prolonged trip, we lapse with a stories of my travels and a people we spent time with. One revisit during a holiday deteriorate final year, we told my mom a story about visiting “Phil,” to that my mom inquired “Phil? Tibitoski? Or Fish? How’s Octodad doing?”, and it dawned on me -and it unequivocally shouldn’t have been a surprise- that my mom had been reading adult on games news and attention news to stay in reason with what was function in my life, and in a lives of a friends she listened me pronounce about so frequently.

I grinned, and median by my party we unexpected realised that while my mom could review adult on a games news, there was another denunciation that my mom did not speak: a denunciation of games. For all her unrestrained and trust of a medium, she had never once reason a controller, or booted adult a video game. We had been articulate about games, a business, a people, and a stories and moments that impacted me for roughly a decade, and my mom had nodded along bargain all yet a heart of it: a games themselves.

Thus, we motionless to find my mom her first-ever videogame, to deliver her to one of my favorite languages. we was not meddlesome in training her a denunciation of games on her mobile phone, or board-game equivalents – we wanted to learn her a denunciation of a games we grew adult loving, a large games full of stories and worlds and characters, a games with twists and amour and engaging gameplay ideas. we wanted to start her on a Metal Gear Solid rather than a Spelltower, even yet we venerate both.

My mom is a outrageous fan of narratives like Lord of a Rings, a stories about a assault opposite a former immorality by a tiny organisation of demure heroes that accommodate by fate. Games, even yet they’re entrance adult on a century of history, have defended many of their venerate and honour for a Dungeon Dragons anticipation table-top games. If there’s one thing we can count on, it is that a center is superfluous with accurately that form of narrative, in that form of world. we reputed that a ‘realistic’ visible impression would help, and that tributary assault opposite humans would be a no-go. That left distant fewer games for consideration, and to my distress, many of them were formidable and low RPGs with gigantic possibilities and menus.

One plea we approaching to face in selecting a diversion was nausea. My mom mostly complained about revulsion while examination video diversion footage or trailers, and we had prolonged ago determined that first-person cameras seemed to means her revulsion many faster than third-person cameras did. we theorized that carrying a impression to anchor a transformation to competence help, so a diversion had to be third-person.

While gamers mostly could control a impression yet ever even glancing during a controller, my mom had never tranquil anything. Back in 2013, we had attempted to learn a good crony to play Assassin’s Creed II, a diversion that we deliberate deeply accessible, usually to learn that navigating a impression in 3D space with twin sticks is a ability that people aren’t inherently innate with. She quit a diversion in disappointment after failing for a hundredth time given she couldn’t spin towards an rivalry quick enough. For my mom’s initial game, we wouldn’t make that same mistake. we indispensable a diversion that would endure disaster gracefully, a diversion that would lessen false submit in some way, and a diversion that didn’t have timed sequences or identical challenge-based disaster states.

It usually happened that we had finished a diversion that we positively precious that fit all these qualities: Final Fantasy XV – a story of a climax king outcast from his throne, his 3 friends, and highway tripping by a star in peril. More importantly, we removed that Final Fantasy XV does not indeed need formidable inputs, nor does it need players to scheme a categorical impression during combat. If we reason a dispute button, categorical impression Noctis automatically closes a stretch between himself and a comparison aim before aggressive continuously. If we reason a retard button, Noctis will dodge, and automatically boost a stretch between himself and a comparison target. That evening, we booted a diversion behind adult and played around a bit with a settings and gameplay to see if we wasn’t misremembering anything, a problem that would get my mom to rebound off and reject games forever. To my relief, we indeed found dual accessibility options convincing me that this diversion was perfect. In a Easy mode, removing a Game Over wholly heals your impression once a battle, and enabling a Wait Mode means that vouchsafing go of all controls pauses a game.

I went to a store and bought an Xbox One and a duplicate of Final Fantasy XV. The subsequent time we visited her, we astounded her with a console, commissioned it, and explained to her how to spin it on. My mom voiced some dishonesty that she would be personification a video game, and we reassured her that if she didn’t like it, we would simply take a Xbox One with me again, no tough feelings whatsoever.

The denunciation of video games
In what would spin a revisit stage over a subsequent year, my mom sat on her vital room couch, somewhat tensed adult and awkwardly holding a controller. we sat down on a other couch, usually distant divided adequate to stop her from flitting on a controller to me to do a thing, usually tighten adequate to her to beam her when necessary. we explained about a left and right analog stick, a differences between bumpers and triggers, and a names of a buttons – and afterwards we destined her to foot adult Final Fantasy XV.

The initial thing my mom ever suspicion about a video diversion was that Final Fantasy XV’s trademark was gorgeous, and that it had a Jugendstil peculiarity about it that she could positively appreciate. The second thing she ever suspicion about a video diversion was that a song of a categorical menu – a Somnus thesis – was beautiful too. We clicked “New Game”, and on Jan 21st of 2017, my mom started on her initial video game.

Final Fantasy XV starts in media res, during one of a climatic battles during a finish of a game. The diversion introduces Noctis Lucis Caelum, during that my mom giggled “is this male named ‘Night Light Sky?’”. we knew that that was what Noctis’ name translated to, yet given overly verbatim Latin names are a Final Fantasy trope, we had not giggled during it. Noctis is in hazard as he faces down some arrange of glow giant, and while a stage is meant to be imposing, we spent a initial few moments perplexing to settle how a left hang moves a character. The diversion afterwards introduces Prompto Argentum (“Quick Silver”), Gladiolus Amicitia (“Blade of Friendship”), and Ignis Stupeo Scientia (“That creates no sense”) as Noctis’ friends fighting alongside him. The diversion afterwards skips behind an unlimited volume of time to a start of Noctis’ journey, when a organisation needs to get their automobile fixed.

To assistance with this, we find Cindy during a circuitously garage. Cindy knows who Noctis is, and offers to repair a automobile in sell for murdering some critters that have been a harassment to a garage. It afterwards occurred to me that she had no clarity of geometry, distance, or user interface, and that her any try to transport towards a design was in a true line, possibly there were rocks in a approach or not. She did not know how to review a terrain, and so we coached her by by observant “left,” “right”, and “forward.” We afterwards ran by a camera controls, and motionless after a good fifteen mins of messing around that we would usually adjust a camera if positively necessary. Mom dispatched a enemies by holding a Attack button, and was utterly tender with her performance.

After completing a quest, Cindy earnings a automobile to a organisation all bound up, and offers a second opening query of a game: to pierce a box of products over to a subsequent village. It’s meant as a pushing tutorial, explaining a systems of a automobile and a star map, and my mom shortly incited it down – “Absolutely not, I’m a prince, do it yourself”. we sat staring during a shade in astounded shock, and my mom looked during me and asked me “now what do we do?”

This was when we satisfied that we was witnessing something special: usually like my mom formulating Dutch sentences that are logically scold yet not scold in a context of a language, my mom was personification games logically correctly, yet not scold in a context of video games. She has no suspicion what a educational query is, or given a climax king would worry with a unknown and unexplained box of some garage worker that usually traded a automobile repair for dangerous harassment control. This whole examination was going to be both impossibly amusing, and impossibly informative. we motionless to do what we always do when we comprehend something is possibly humorous or interesting: we tweeted about it.

#momvsffxv became my place to share a insights and lessons from my mothers’ initial confront with games, and there were lessons aplenty. Over a months, it grew into an huge thread full of implausible stories, and before prolonged my mom was receiving fan-mail around my inbox.

Every visit, we’d event opposite an engaging myth or problem. When we satisfied any time my mom attempted to adjust a camera upwards, she’d incidentally pierce it downwards first, we set a diversion to inverted for her. My speculation had always been that inversion preferences stemmed from genre preferences, yet clearly my mom played inverted yet any before diversion experience. When a “Talk” prompt would uncover up, my mom would press a button, and when a review was over, a prompt would cocktail adult again. My mom was not wakeful a prompt denoted an discretionary action, so she would follow a instructions on a shade and press a symbol again, and again, and again, and a accurate same review would play over and over until a prompt didn’t uncover adult again given she rotated a camera divided from a review partner.

At first, she would usually play when we was there during a weekend, yet before prolonged she would summary me in a evenings after work when she was stranded or had questions.

One time, she asked “whether all games have this many walking,” and we satisfied she had walked huge distances given she couldn’t find her car. When we reminded her that a map shows a car, she walked behind yet regulating a “fast travel” options in a menu that directly moves your impression subsequent to a car, given she had no suspicion that quick transport existed. When a diversion had creatively explained how to use quick travel, it had not worried to explain given we would wish to use it. we had wholly avoided regulating fast-travel in Final Fantasy XV during my playthrough, and as such had unsuccessful to explain a judgment to her as well.

One of a many startling moments came shortly after a initial confront with a game’s antagonist. This was a impulse that we had grown vehement for, as a impression is portrayed with a tragedy between ‘chaotic antagonist’ and ‘surprise fan in a final act of a game’ in a approach that clearly reads as such to gifted Final Fantasy players. The impression has black garments and an arm emblem that looks like a forked wing, prolonged purple hair, a fedora, a derisive voice, and that lean of a conduct that Japanese impression designers occupy to imply madness, and his subtitles literally name him as ‘suspicious stranger.’ My oddity was possibly my mom would review that confront similarly. The confront happens in a remote plcae called ‘Galdin Quay,’ so when we perceived a content summary that she had strech ‘Galdin Quay,’ we was unhappy that we wasn’t there to see her response in person, yet vehement to hear her thoughts.

“So, anything engaging happen?”

“Not really! Oh, we ran into a questionable man.”

“Really? Do tell?”

“Well, he was wearing all black, and we didn’t trust him.”

“How come?”

“I cruise he attempted to sell me guns. we ran away.”

She had not even finished it to a tangible encounter, given a small while before we run into a games’ questionable stranger, we confront a arms and armor store. Like in many games, those stores are ordinarily denoted by a chairman that we correlate with, and to many players, these characters have stopped reading as genuine characters and instead review as a epitome judgment of a store. My mother’s experience, on a other hand, was that of using into a foreigner on a travel dilemma that attempted to sell her a gun.

My mom ran into all a frustrations we would have in a diversion yet too many complaints: a map pen not displaying that an design is subterraneous was no serve con to her, given she had a tough time navigating anywhere with her singular ability to review a landscape, let alone yet rotating a camera. It was transparent that simple navigation was holding a lot of my mothers’ ability to routine a transformation on a screen, as she could usually hoop movement, camera rotation, action, listening and looking during a world, and review as graphic tasks. If we attempted to indicate her in a instruction while walking, she would spasmodic brew adult left and right something I’ve never seen her do in genuine life, given indicating a hang in a instruction took so many concentration.

By June, she had gained a ability to pierce a left and right hang during a same time, and she had met her initial video diversion opposition in wavering criminal Aranea. By now, she was customarily clearing dungeons, and a Easy mode interlude her from failing meant that her being eternally under-leveled due to rejecting any singular side-quest didn’t block her progress.

Before we knew it, we got a content summary from my mom display Noctis and his friends abroad a boat in a open waters: my mom had – yet any instruction or assistance – finished a open-world territory of a game, and had placed Noctis and his environment on a linear highway to a ending. The story started to fuse in her mind, as she approached a hinging indicate between a open-world and linear sections: an enormously considerable dispute between Noctis and Leviathan, a sea dragon, amidst a hulk whirlwind of water.

Five months into Final Fantasy XV, we satisfied that my mom had never used a diverge strike, a essential dispute form that allows Noctis to bargain additional repairs by aggressive from afar. The Leviathan quarrel was impossible, and it was a usually time in a whole diversion that we took a controller to uncover her how something worked. After we finished a few diverge strikes, she took behind a controller, and eventually felled Leviathan on her own. After a fight, she sheepishly certified that she had bought some potions “just in case”, and we had to encourage her that that hadn’t been a rubbish of money.

Towards a finish of a game, my mom also struggled with a series of sequences that had timers, and a two-minute pushing method simply took her dual whole hours to get right. In a center of those dual hours, she had her initial ever rage-quit, shutting a diversion down after her latest try resulted in her crashing a automobile 5 seconds into a sequence.

During another timed sequence, Noctis is asked to desert his friends and leave them fighting a everlasting assault of enemies to rush by a doorway before it closes. My mom finished it by a doorway on a initial try with underneath a second of time left, yet a cutscene during that a doorway closes is apparently still on timer. That meant that as a doorway closed, she got a Game Over that she interpreted as carrying finished a wrong choice. She spent a subsequent 6 hours perplexing to quarrel a gigantic assault of enemies as a timer kept triggering new Game Overs, until we nudged her towards perplexing a doorway again.

Final Fantasy XV jumps 10 years into a destiny as Noctis sleeps party energy to stop an almighty night that has depressed over a world. Noctis earnings to a star during a same Galdin Quay that mom visited during a start of a game, something that is ostensible to coax a players’ memory. It did positively zero for my mom as her strange revisit to Galdin Quay was before she had schooled to control a camera. During her initial visit, she had mostly seen a building or a sky, extravagantly moving a camera adult and down. Almost 6 months later, she was determining a camera with a jot of confidence.

Eventually, a diversion took us behind to a initial in media res method of a game. By then, Noctis has schooled that a usually approach to lapse a new emergence is a self-sacrifice, something that my mom believed would not occur in a video game. we don’t cruise I’ve ever listened her contend ‘wow’ some-more mostly than in a final hour of Final Fantasy XV, possibly it was a cutscenes, a screen-filling summons, a tract reveals and threads, a trainer battles, or a contingent finish of a game. By a time a credits rolled, my mom had gifted something that felt genuine to her. My mom had played a video game, and she had desired observant Noctis rise a throne. When a Final Fantasy XV trademark showed it’s final, post-game form, my mom desired it even some-more than she had finished when she initial commented on a Jugendstil influence.

We review a Twitter responses to a final post of #momvsffxv together, and told any other a favorite moments of a game, and discussed her thoughts and perspectives on carrying usually finished her initial video games. She took a print of a finale screen, an overview of her adventure, and sent it to me to post to ‘all a Twitter people’.

And then, after that print had uploaded to Twitter, she asked for a new game.

One of a largest issues we had with Final Fantasy was that any time she got stuck, we had to wait until a subsequent revisit to solve a bottleneck. After a diversion was over, we motionless to switch her over to a PlayStation 4, given a complement supports Share Play. That way, we could watch and explain things while examination remotely.

I transposed a Xbox One with a PlayStation 4, and to my mothers’ surprise, a device was wholly different. We spent a afternoon deliberating her warn to learn that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo weren’t all creation games for a same device. While among this attention and a mediums’ enthusiasts many truths are insincere to be ubiquitous, a existence is that games still have an huge partial of a star to reach. The existence is that as a medium, we still chuck large assumptions about bottom trust during a audiences, and those assumptions keep games from being permitted to so many.

My mom asked if we could play Destiny, given my mom and we got intent by a initial game. we had told her a story of how my mom had worked with Destiny developer Bungie to censor a offer in a game, and how she had due to me in a Tower – a executive plcae in a diversion and a home of a protagonist of a game. My mom unequivocally wanted to revisit this digital place that was so vicious to my life, yet we motionless that we’d wait a bit longer with a diversion played from a first-person perspective.

We picked a series of games as suggestions for my mother, all formed around a suspicion of removing her to know and rivet with side-quests, and after display her a trailers and explaining a bit of a game, we were left with a sprawling anticipation epic Dragon Age: Inquisition and Persona 5.

The Inquisition
On Jul 17th, my mom started on Dragon Age: Inquisition, and we started on a hashtag #momvsdai. My wish was that Inquisition’s structure would force her to play some-more side-quests, as a protagonist in a diversion contingency benefit a support of surrounding army by assisting them out in whatever approach they can.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is also opposite from Final Fantasy XV in a essential way: Final Fantasy XV is wholly linear, while Dragon Age is famous for a long-term decisions and story branching, charity choices that can resonate by your personal Dragon Age: Inquisition star dual sequels later. The choices also meant that a diversion uses Bioware’s tangible “dialogue wheel”, a complement that offers a actor mixed ways to respond to any dialogue, and allows a diversion a approach to offer suitable consequences to a choices of a player.

My mom went into Dragon Age: Inquisition carrying a snark of Noctis. Really fast she schooled that a opinion of a windbag snarky king did not work as good when we play a restrained suspected of murdering one of a top powers in a star during a assent conference and someone who substantially caused a difference in a heavens that spawns demons everywhere. After removing herself into a series of hapless situations, she motionless to start being some-more diplomatic.

Before long, my mother’s Inquisitor was using by a star of Dragon Age elucidate any emanate she came across. By now, she could transport by a diversion with dual sticks navigating corners smoothly, and nonetheless pole would sojourn an emanate until a finish of a game, she could now navigate anything yet parsimonious corridors with confidence. The biggest obstacles in Dragon Age: Inquisition were anything tranquil by menus – register government and impression growth would sojourn an emanate that compulsory assistance any singular time. Diplomacy and combat, however, came naturally. My mom negotiated, discussed, investigated, researched, and fought her approach to elucidate a poser and dispute of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The story mostly meandered, or asked for a lot of a players, and some-more mostly than not a complexities of a Dragon Age star would evade my mother. She kept created notebooks to keep lane of names and places she’d learn about, and kept a created query record given she couldn’t consistently find a in-game one. Regardless, she went and solved a issues of any chairman she came opposite with her small organisation of Cassandra, Varric, and Solas. Where during first, she would pronounce to everybody during Haven, after on, she got sleepy of articulate to a same people to get a same conversation. By a time she had acquired a towering outpost of Skyhold, she had started to concentration exclusively on a star outside, instead of a characters closest to her.

Every weekend that we visited, my mom would’ve unbarred a new location, or a new vital query point. Sometimes, I’d find her finishing off a hulk boss, while sometimes, I’d find her on her third day of perplexing to find a flower that didn’t grow in a area she was in. Either way, any week I’d find her personification on a PlayStation, and any week, she’d have a story to tell of her progress, a intrigues, or a small adventures she’d spent her final few days on. Some weeks, I’d watch her event and destroy by quests that I’d cruise impossibly straightforward, while another week, we watched her better Kaltenzahn – a second-most absolute High Dragon trainer in a diversion – with relations ease.

Last week, we was checking my mothers’ PlayStation trophies, we beheld that she had usually unbarred Doom Upon All a World, a prize unbarred for violence a game. A impulse later, we perceived a summary from her observant she had finished Dragon Age: Inquisition after 268 hours widespread over 150 days of playing. She had totally tired a infancy of a areas in a diversion from quests, and after removing all a advantages of completing so many of Inquisition, she had likely of a ultimate hazard in a diversion yet too many trouble.

As a final shot faded to black, her Inquisitor stood on her patio in a mountaintop outpost that had been a Inquisition’s bottom of operations. Mom did not cruise there was time for removing romantically concerned with any of a characters. There had been a star to save, after all.

I was there
Somewhere in a center of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we finished adult holding a brief outing into a star of Destiny 2, given my mom unequivocally wanted to see a place of my rendezvous before my wedding. It incited out to be a prophetic want: during my wedding, a diversion developer crony who was also attending asked her what she suspicion of a rendezvous being in Destiny’s Tower, and she proudly answered that ‘she’d been there.’

The tour from carrying never played a diversion to carrying played mixed games was full of small moments of bargain for both of us that we will value for life. There was a initial time my mom got mislaid in a upsurge of a game, a ludic speculation that a change between plea and ability creates a mental state that creates people remove lane of time as they concentration wholly on a game. There was a cathartic impulse of a still reparation she finished for all a times she pulled a block on a mechanism when we was scrambling to find a save indicate during a finish my daily mechanism stipend time. Most of all, it is her solemnly elaborating bargain of a structure, grammar, vocabulary, and phrases that make adult a denunciation of games – a denunciation that we have desired for as prolonged as we can remember, a denunciation that we write, speak, read, and listen to for both my party and my work. It is a denunciation of a stories that we love, and a denunciation of many of a characters and worlds that tangible my childhood.

For my mom’s subsequent game, we have motionless that she will play Persona 5. we cruise changing a diversion impression from real-time to turn-based will deliver my mom to a entire concepts of standing ailments, component weaknesses and strengths, and vicious hits. In credentials for a game, we took my family to see a Japanese animation film Your Name. It was a initial time my mom ever watched an anime, and as we walked out of a cinema, my mom looked during me and – after a brief overpower – she grinned.

“You totally forget that they’re usually total and drawings. The places and people spin real, and we can unequivocally trust that they’re usually like we and I, and we can feel what they feel. It’s clearly a lot of work and bid to make a film like that, yet it is magic.”

I nodded. There was a second of silence, a brief perplexity in her response.

“I theory it’s a lot like video games,” she concluded.

“Yeah, we like to cruise so, mom.”

Rami Ismail is a Business Development Guy during Vlambeer, a Dutch eccentric diversion studio famous best for Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS, Super Crate Box, GUN GODZ and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter.

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