Microsoft Xbox Taps YouTube To Run Halo Wars 2 Advertising Campaign

  • by Laurie Sullivan

    2 hours ago

Microsoft Xbox diversion Halo Wars 2 used a six-second fender ad
running on YouTube combined by group 215McCANN to locate a courtesy of gamers traversing and acid for calm on a video site.

The fender ads that ran only before to E3 2017, which
kicks off in Los Angeles Tuesday, were partial of a artistic strategy, Know Your Enemy, with several video stories posted to YouTube.

The plan primarily relied on longer-form TrueView ads to
introduce viewers to a categorical characters of a game. A few days later, Xbox ran a YouTube masthead and afterwards served 6-second ads featuring a dual categorical characters to people who watched the
longer-form video, stability a story.

The U.S. video diversion attention is estimated to grow 6.2 % annually to $28.5 billion by 2021, per a new news from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

released commentary estimating 48% of YouTube gamers contend they spend some-more time examination gaming videos on YouTube than personification games only days before to a Electronic Entertainment
Expo (E3) 2017 scheduled to flog off on Tuesday.



Google estimates some-more than 20 million gaming how-to videos on YouTube. Last year, there were some-more than 40 million hours of gaming
unboxing videos watched on YouTube — only on mobile.

Some 56% of gamers say YouTube is where they bond with their gaming community. About 66% of female gamers
watch gaming videos on YouTube when they wish to hear from people they can describe to, 73% of gamers contend they suffer examination others play games on YouTube, and 74% contend they go
to YouTube to learn how to get improved during a game.

Microsoft had flattering good fitness joining with consumers by YouTube videos this year. In May, a association ran a video
introducing a new Surface Pro 3, attack 3.2 million views given May 23, 2017. It came in during No. 4 on Google YouTube’s May Ads Leaderboard, right behind Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus ad. 


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