Microsoft Could Be Buying Forza Horizon Studio Playground Games

It looks like Microsoft could be appropriation Playground Games, a studio behind a Forza Horizon series.

As speckled by WCCFTech, an refurbish on the studio’s Companies House page, dated May 29, lists Keith Dolliver as a new executive of Playground Games. Companies House is a UK supervision website that binds sum for all purebred companies in a country.

Dolliver, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel during Microsoft Corporation, specialises in mergers and acquisitions according to his LinkedIn profile. He has formerly been appointed as executive of a array of other companies that Microsoft acquired, including Rare, Lionhead, and Skype.

With a renewed concentration on investing in studios to make some-more initial celebration games, and rumours of a new Fable diversion reportedly in growth during Playground, a merger would make clarity for Microsoft right now. Playground’s Forza titles are disdainful to Xbox and PC, and a Fable array has always been a Microsoft exclusive.

Coupled with a Companies House update, it seems that an central proclamation of a further of Playground to Microsoft’s fast competence be on a way.

Shabana is a freelance author who enjoys JRPGs, wine, and not finishing games. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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