Metal Gear Solid V’s ‘Peace Day’ Ending Accidentally Released

It’s taken scarcely dual years, though a “secret” finale to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has finally surfaced. As of Feb. 2, players were means to entrance a “Peace Day” finale that a diversion had formerly sealed underneath some intensely formidable circumstances. Somehow, a Peace Day video has flush on YouTube. Even if you’ve already finished flattering most all Hideo Kojima’s opus has to offer, it’s still an romantic impulse that might really good pierce we to bust out a tissues.

The bizarre thing is, however, that Konami (by approach of a central Metal Gear Twitter account ) did not intentionally recover this ending. Konami’s central Twitter comment posted a brief three-tweet thread explaining as such:

It seems that even now, during a time of writing, Konami isn’t accurately certain how a eventuality was triggered, though it’s good (for a fans) that it did. It’s a touching stage that colors a universe where no one has any chief weapons, and a universe practice a “Peace Day,” with a bit of an mocking ending, during slightest in a shave seen below. It seems that even in times of peace, fight continues to block progress.

The prerequisites for this eventuality were formerly so violent that it seemed like a cinematic would never be available. It was ostensible to be triggered if each final one of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s players motionless to idle all of their chief weapons during their Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). Obviously, that’s a vast ask. Even if there were a accordant bid to do this, there would still be a vast race of those repulsive adequate to refuse, as good as players who only never perceived a memo.

Yet in a universe where hackers exist, it’s not startling during all that this happened, as Konami confirmed, while a nuke count had nonetheless to strech zero. It’s expected a count never would have gotten there, and players were only sleepy of waiting. Either this was an collision or a work of desirous hackers that triggered a eventuality for a good of all Metal Gear fans everywhere.  

Some players have continued to post that when all a nukes have been disarmed, Konami would recover a special third section to a game, adding a “complete” finale that wasn’t meant to be due to a bad blood between Hideo Kojima and Konami. Originally, there was a third act that was designed for inclusion in a game, though it was eventually scrapped in lieu of what’s radically a rehash of a opening goal of The Phantom Pain.

Obviously, some enchanting clear isn’t going to happen, though this cinematic is during a really slightest a good bit of calm to assistance palliate a blow of there never being another correct Metal Gear diversion again given Kojima has given over a association to found Kojima Productions.

Metal Gear Survive is on a horizon, however, and it’s still scheduled to dump Feb. 20. At slightest there’s that, right?

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