Metal Gear Solid V Update Adds Ocelot to FOB Missions – Xbox One …

Konami has announced that a arriving Aug refurbish for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will supplement Ocelot as a new playable impression for FOB missions, alongside swimsuits for your FOB staff on Mother Base, a Goblin GOB Suit and Megalodon MEG Suit, as good as other teenager fixes and new functionalities for a Wormhole Generator.

Using Ocelot, you’ll benefit a somewhat increasing deception value, faster reloading and sketch of his weapons, as he wields a pistol in any palm with a TORNADO-6. Ocelot is also means to bounce bullets on noted enemies, though has no swap uniform or conduct options.

The Aug 2017 refurbish for Metal Gear Solid V will be going live soon. You can review adult some-more on a additional suits and other additions it’ll move to a diversion here.

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