Metal Gear Solid V Update 1.12 Makes Improvements to Metal Gear Online

May 10, 2016
Written by Jason Dunning


Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain update 1.12 adds new calm and facilities to both a categorical diversion and Metal Gear Online.

Reportedly trimming in distance from 91MB – 595MB, depending on your platform, here’s what Metal Gear Solid V update 1.12 brings to Metal Gear Online:

Unique Characters

  • Quiet can no longer be interrogated.


  • Rank boost and diminution are now displayed in a goal results: On a outcome shade after a finish of a mission, any player’s remarkable boost or diminution in arrange will be displayed with an idol on a scoreboard.The some-more arrows displayed subsequent to a icon, a larger a boost or diminution in arrange given this mission.


  • Score has been practiced for any mission.
  • Assist measure will no longer be postulated when woken adult by a comrade after putting yourself into nap or jolt status.

Damage Adjustments

  • Increased repairs outlay from a SVG-76 and M2000-D.
  • Reduced a knockback and banishment rate of a URAGAN-5.
  • Increased stamina repairs when alighting onto rivalry players from a height.
  • Reduced stamina repairs from card box attacks and low kicks.

Balance Adjustments

  • DEMOLITION+ Lv.2 will no longer trigger a thrown arms to dump when killed by a knife.
  • After diving, there is now a check before we can dive again.
  • Sprint generation is now temporarily reduced after diving.
  • Crawling out of a card box when disposed will no longer furnish noise.


  • Each player’s network tie peculiarity will now be displayed: Player network tie peculiarity (up to 4 levels) will now be displayed on a scoreboard during a match.
  • Team origination in AUTOMATCH will now be prioritized for offset series of players opposite both teams over preset celebration on a singular team.
  • The Rush Mode choice is now private from a goal preference shade in AUTOMATCH (except Xbox360): Rush Mode will now start in pointless frequency
  • A fight record will now be displayed when a actor is fulton saved or woken adult from nap or jolt standing by an ally.
  • The time reward XP for a SABOTAGE goal has been adjusted
  • Fixed a bug where hang adult would occur during a focus boost (Xbox One only)
  • Reduced magnitude of disconnections when personification SURVIVAL
  • Fixed a bug where a apportionment of other player’s stats would not consistently arrangement properly

Konami knows this isn’t a large update, adding that 1.12 is “mostly designed to labour and urge on a newly combined features.” They know there’s some-more to be finished to urge a game, so they ask we to keep a feedback coming.

And here’s what altered in The Phantom Pain:

New Online Development equipment added!

  • SNEAKING SUIT Security Guard Stealth Camo
  • UA-DRONE Battery Vaporizer-Equipped UAV
  • FOM DECOY Dummy Field of Movement Emitter
  • FB MR R-L FLTN Falkenberg Multi-Role Recoilless Rifle (Fulton Warheads)
  • TORNADO-6 Revolver
  • UN-AAM-NL Non-Lethal Machine Gun
  • Note: New Online Development equipment combined in this refurbish will be unbarred one by one after upkeep durations in a weeks to come.

Dispatch your army to attack FOBs and assist your infiltration!

  • This new underline allows we to dispatch a strike force to an FOB forward of your infiltration, to hit out confidence inclination or discharge guards.

Added information on Short Leagues to PF Rating screen.

  • In further to a practical joining battles hold on a weekly basis, we can now attend in special brief leagues that final only one day. Also, a PF Rating shade will now uncover your PF’s stats in larger detail, so be certain to check it and see how your day-to-day actions are strengthening your force!

New soldiers arrive with singular new skills!

  • The new skills in this refurbish are ideal for removing a vital boost to your PF Rating. Find and remove soldiers with these skills to make your force stronger than ever!

Special online-only tasks combined to a Challenge Task list!

  • “Challenge Tasks,” a special achievements that offer rewards for any one completed, now embody online-only tasks! There are all kinds of tasks to try, from elementary feats that can be finished with ease, to large undertakings that will keep we perplexing for hours. Online Challenge Tasks will be added/changed as time progresses, so be certain to check out a latest hurdles and try those we consider we can achieve!

Other refurbish details

  • In further to a above, a series of tiny refinements and bug fixes have been applied.

What do we consider of a May update?

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