Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Hands On Review

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain looks to be a large perfection of a dear action-stealth series.

Last year Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes really tender us with how it shook adult a determined array regulation by opening adult a gameplay into a some-more flexible, open universe style. That brief voluntary was usually an appetizer, however, for a categorical march this September: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I had a possibility to enclose my card box and try out one of a early missions. While we can’t tell we anything about a story yet, I can endorse that Phantom Pain delivers on a guarantee of Ground Zeroes.

I climbed a stairs and walked in on an apparently off-duty guard, whom we reflexively knocked out with a drug dart.

I was forsaken off on a edge unknowingly a hilly dried of Afghanistan. The setting stretched out in front of me, an interesting and expanded landscape we was fervent to explore. That would have to wait for another day; we had a rescue operation to complete. One of my former comrades was restrained by puzzling operatives and was being hold in a circuitously facility. Some intel in a circuitously encampment forked me to his exact location, that was required if a descent was going to be as accurate and surgical as we dictated it to be (Spoiler alert: It was not).

Where many before Metal Gear games would dump we off right during a goal plcae so we could get right into a unctuous (and unavoidable frantically using and shooting), here it leaves we in a dried with a equine (though no pointer of a wolf), indicate we in a right direction, and leave we to it. Good reconnoitering becomes positively vital, essentially altering a stroke of a game.

I gave a encampment a far-reaching berth, roving around to a other side where a shallow ignored it so we could get a improved perspective with my binoculars. Zooming in on a ensure tags them both in your perspective and on a map, so it pays to take your time and try to range out everyone. That’s a recommendation we would have given myself if we could transport behind in time to a few mins before we walked right into a ensure I’d missed stealing behind a wall. Fortunately, when a firefight pennyless out, there were usually a handful of soviet soldiers with terrible aim unresolved out in that exhausted village, so they were fast dispatched, and we found a intel that forked me to where accurately my aim was being held.

From there it was leading to a most some-more heavily-guarded outpost for a rescue. The miss of a transparent range for goal areas means that we have to be discreet when creation your approach opposite a map. Myopically focused on my aim in a distance, we unfit around a dilemma and right into a ensure post, and before we could conflict my equine was passed on a ground, followed shortly afterward by me. we usually had one hour to play, though we could already feel how immersive a diversion gets in full swing. The open environment and ever-looming threats make Metal Gear Solid V feel concurrently expanded and intimate.

The second partial of a goal went some-more smoothly, aided by a tumble of night, that arrived usually as we approached a facility. Under cover of dark we was means to trip past a fringe defenses undetected and into a building where we knew my aim was being held. Keep it together, Snake. we climbed a stairs and walked in on an apparently off-duty guard, whom we reflexively knocked out with a drug dart before he has a possibility to react. Good — this was how things were ostensible to go.

Things spin south, however, when another ensure happens on me stashing a physique of his colleague in a basement. Caught unaware, my reduction timely and superb response formula in a accost of bullets, a alarm raised, and a insane lurch to finish my objective. Fortunately, we was already close, so we simply had to run upstairs and take the prisoner.

The initial shred would not let me squeeze a intel while a guards were still after me, definition we had to take out a whole encampment before relocating on. Here, however, we was means to have a full cut stage of discourse with a restrained while a ensure was literally station a few feet divided outward a window. It was rather immersion-breaking, though we was but relieved that we could chuck him over my shoulder and book it out a doorway but carrying to kill dozens of Soviet soldiers. we threw him on a behind of my equine and took off to a descent point. The indirect follow took a decidedly Kojima-flavored spin toward “..what?!”, that offering delicious hints of a stupidity to come in The Phantom Pain‘s story.

If we desired prior Metal Gear games, you’ll feel right during home in The Phantom Pain. All of Snake’s collection and tricks for both secrecy and guns-blazing fight are simply permitted by discerning menus, lenient we to play in any character we choose. It all feels liquid and discerning adequate that a diversion gets out of your approach so we can usually concentration on being a cinematic badass. There were a few cut scenes during a shred we played, and Kojima’s signature, sensational discourse is behind in full force, distinguished that change between critical and stupid that creates it classical Metal Gear. The diversion also creates illusory use of a PlayStation 4 hardware, with a low pull stretch and beautifully minute textures.

If this unequivocally is Hideo Kojima’s final hand with Konami and his genre-defining franchise, he will be going out on a high note. Playing this all-too-brief demo smooth my appetite, and we can’t wait to puncture in when Metal Gear Solid V drops on Sep 1.


  • The open universe guarantee of Ground Zeroes satisfied on a grand scale
  • Most visually-impressive Metal Gear diversion ever


  • Unforgiving to players not already informed with series’ gameplay mechanics

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