METAL GEAR SOLID V Players Uncover a Hidden Nuclear Disarmament Ending

Three years after a initial release, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain had clearly given adult all of a secrets. But over a weekend, players were astounded to see a Metal Gear V finale that had never strictly been released. That’s since a finale in doubt compulsory a full chief disarmament within a diversion itself, that seemed like an unfit task. But somehow, a final cut scenes played even though a finish rejecting of a nukes. And in this ending, Venom Snake and his allies successfully achieved a idea that even they suspicion was doubtful to ever happen.

Via Polygon, a finale was triggered on a Steam chronicle of Metal Gear Solid V, and even Konami doesn’t seem to be certain how this glitch occurred.

This finale could be seen as a interruption present from mythological diversion executive Hideo Kojima, who left Konami shortly after Metal Gear Solid V was released. MGS V was creatively ostensible to have even some-more content, and a final seconds of this video spirit where it could have gone. At a really finish of this footage, Venom Snake learns someone has built a new chief weapon, and his goal to forestall a origination of new nukes might be even some-more severe than he thought.

What do we consider about Metal Gear Solid V‘s chief disarmament ending? Let us know in a criticism territory below!

Images: Konami

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