‘Metal Gear Solid’ Actors Team Up for ‘Night Before Metal Gear’ Christmas Parody

Voice actors Cam Clarke and David Hayter teamed adult for a really “Metal Gear” Christmas in a YouTube shave “The Night Before Metal Gear.”

Hayter, famous as a classical voice for “Metal Gear” protagonist Solid Snake, assimilated Clarke in a “heartwarming” take on a holidays for a special take on a holiday story. Clarke, famous for portraying Liquid Snake in a “Metal Gear” series, assimilated Hayter to review a fun chronicle of “The Night Before Christmas” dirty with references to a game.

The span gave a classical story a fun refurbish with lines like “Visions of FOXDIE danced in their heads,” and “Otacon spoke not a word, though went true to his work. He unleashed a Mk. II, incited it lax on those jerks.” The satire was created in only 20 minutes, according to Clarke, by Hayter himself. Clarke posted a “very special greeting” on Facebook, where he suggested he had creatively asked a voice actor to join him for a plan in late November.

“What a talent ‘my dear brother’ is,” pronounced Clarke. “But don’t tell him we pronounced that!” he wrote, referring to his impression Liquid Snake’s “affectionate” difference for his in-game hermit Solid Snake. The shave is a fun approach for fans of “Metal Gear Solid” to hear a iconic Solid Snake uttered by Hayter once some-more outward of a recently-released “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” as Hideo Kojima famously had Kiefer Sutherland voice a impression we knew as Snake in “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.”

“From the twisted, genetically screwed-up family to yours,” Clarke began, before Hayter resolved “We wish we a Merry Christmas, a chief conflict tank-free new year, and a happy holidays to all.”

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