Metal Gear Solid 5’s subsequent refurbish lets we play as Revolver Ocelot …

Konami is gearing adult to pull out another refurbish for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Yes, we review that right. The Aug 2017 refurbish is set to exercise functionalities for a Wormhole Generator and supplement new swimsuits for your FOB soldiers, though many notably, it’ll give we a ability to play as Revolver Ocelot in FOB infiltration missions. 

As for what Ocelot brings to a table, he has somewhat increasing camouflage, in further to faster reload and pull arms speeds than other soldiers. He can also supply one Tornado-6 pistol in any hand, that I’m certain is some-more effective, though it also creates him demeanour approach cooler. And yes, he can bounce bullets into noted enemies. You can see this demonstrated in a images below.

If we wish your fortifying and infiltrating soldiers to demeanour additional fly this summer, afterwards get ready: swimsuits are on a way. Both swimsuits, a Goblin and Megalodon, boost your transformation speed though don’t offer any deception effect—when we demeanour this good, we wish to be seen. Unfortunately, Mother Base staff can’t wear them. 

Now, we know it’s tough to caring about a Wormhole Generator after articulate about Ocelot and swimsuits, though we have to. The Wormhole Generator can now automatically remove players in vicious situations, and opponents will have a harder time traffic with them. They can no longer be removed, in further to being harder to destroy.

You can check out all of a refurbish records and images here.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain expelled roughly dual years ago—time flies—but it’s cold to see Konami stability to support a game. This refurbish in sold adds some flattering cold stuff, that is startling for a integrate reasons. One, it’s been a while given anything of vital note came to Metal Gear Solid V. And two, it’s easy to forget that Konami still cares about a games.

Despite a bad swat Konami has done for itself, generally when it comes to Metal Gear Solid and a creator Hideo Kojima in particular, a publisher is set to recover a new diversion in a array subsequent year. It’s an arriving survival-action diversion that facilities zombies, and according to PC Gamer’s Tim Clark, it’s indeed utterly enjoyable.

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