Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Adds Playable Ocelot to FOB Missions

Rejoice fans of a meowing, revolver-wielding Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain can take note – he’ll be accessible as a playable impression on Aug 1st. This will usually be FOB missions, however.

Though Ocelot’s conduct and uniform can’t be changed, his deception value matches a “highest defense” value of other outfits. Along with twin wielding pistols, Ocelot can also bounce bullets on enemies that are marked. If that weren’t enough, his weapons reload and prepared adult faster than other characters.

Tomorrow’s refurbish will also supplement new swimsuits and colours for FOB staff along with a Megalodon Suit for Diamond Dogs soldiers that increases transformation speed during a cost of no camouflage. Players can also use Wormhole Generators for immediately extracting and these will be unmovable and formidable for enemies to destroy.

It should be remarkable that swimsuits are Online Development Items so you’ll need to accept Event Point Rewards and afterwards rise them. Head here for a full patch records to learn more. The refurbish will be accessible for Xbox One, PS4 and PC tomorrow.

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