Metal Gear Solid 5 Mods Add Form-Fitting Female Fatigues, Kick-Butt 80’s Music

Not everybody likes personification womanlike characters in troops or secrecy games that are as large and boxy as dudes. Some people like personification womanlike characters for their some-more delicate figure and well-developed aesthetic. Well, one modder motionless to make a womanlike troops fatigues in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain a lot less… manly.

Modder morbidslinky suspicion that a womanlike fatigues in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were too bulky, too block and overall… too masculine. Opposite of today’s mainstream media and a amicable media organizations that give them platforms to pull for “gender fluidity” and a deletion of a delicate temperament (especially womanlike sexuality that entices true men), morbidslinky wanted to move a clarity of femininity to a terrain for a womanlike soldiers. Writing on a mod page…

“It always bugged me that a womanlike uniforms were roughly as far-reaching as a masculine uniforms, since a proportions on a womanlike unctuous fit is so most thinner. This mod aims to make a tired some-more form-fitting on females.”

There are some images on mod page display a differences between a normal set of fatigues and a new form-fitting fatigues. Essentially, morbidslinky tightened adult a wastline, tightened a arm holes and carried them as well, shrunk a fanny-packs and repository packs, as good as thinned out a chest pouches and private a bagginess from a pants.

If we wish to get your hands on these functionally suitable though still tolerably voluptuous new digs, we can do so by downloading a mod for Metal Gear Solid V from a NexusMods page.

Now if you’re looking for a some-more kick-butt chronicle of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain regulating some cold 1980’s music, modder kakarotosupersaiyan has a mod that puts some overwhelming 1980’s song into The Phantom Pain. Youtuber The Revolution Gaming gathered a discerning set of clips featuring a song from a mod in a video proof that we can check out below.

You can download a Kick-ass 80’s song mod for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain right now by attack adult a Nexusmods page.

Now if we desired a whole VHS fasten demeanour that was featured in a video above and we wanted to have your chronicle of The Phantom Pain demeanour a same, there’s indeed a mod that reshades a diversion to demeanour as if it were shot on a Kodak 5247 celluloid camera.

Metal Gear Solid V - Rambo III Kodak 5247 Mod

The mod was designed to make Metal Gear Solid V mimic a film tinge of Rambo III from 1988.

The mod was designed by JinMar, and it’ll give we a film compress with that grainy design demeanour to make a diversion seem as if it comes right out of 1988. It’ll go good with a form-fitting womanlike fatigues and a cold 1980’s music.

You can download a Rambo III Kodak 5247 mod from over on

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