Metal Gear Solid 5 celebrates chief disarmament, though it’s a bug

A dark cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain finally triggered in a diversion late final week. Fans found it years ago, and surmised that it was usually to be shown if all of a chief weapons in a diversion were disarmed. However, there are still thousands of nukes benefaction in a game. Developer Konami admits that something has left wrong, during slightest on PC, and is seeking a resolution.

“The chief disarmament eventuality was triggered in a Steam chronicle of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on Feb 2nd during approximately 12:00 GMT,” Konami pronounced in a matter supposing on Twitter. “We are still investigating, though can endorse that a eventuality was triggered while a nuke count hadn’t reached zero.”

The Metal Gear series, a brainchild of engineer Hideo Kojima, has prolonged had a staunchly anti-nuclear message. After a diversion was launched, warring factions of players spent years online alternately building and disarming chief weapons. The latest update, expelled by Konami’s Japanese Twitter account, puts a series of weapons down somewhat as of Sept. 1 during 9,864. The Xbox One had a lowest series of nukes, with only 205, while PlayStation 4 had 1,855.

Curiously, a proclamation comes amidst a remarkable spike in open seductiveness in chief proliferation.

On Jan. 30, during his state of a kinship address, United States President Donald Trump called on Congress to concede a troops to “modernize and rebuild” a chief arsenal. Just a few days before a supposed “doomsday clock,” a visible embellishment that symbolizes a real-world risk of chief war, was moved adult 30 seconds. It now stands during dual mins to midnight, a closest it has been given a 1950s.

In a chief disarmament cutscene, a The Phantom Pain’s expel of characters stands before a statue celebrating chief disarmament. The marker on that statue reads, “As of this day, a chief fire set land on a plains of Alamogordo in Jul of 1945 have been extinguished. […] Here lies explanation of a trait of a mom as certified by her sons.” Later, a cutscene flashes a quote from former President Barack Obama, delivered in a Czech Republic in 2009.

“Our efforts to enclose these dangers are centered on a tellurian non-proliferation regime,” Obama said, “but as some-more people and nations mangle a rules, we could strech a indicate where a core can't hold.”

Meanwhile, on Reddit, fans of The Phantom Pain are bemoaning a fact that a in-game chief disarmament meta diversion doesn’t unequivocally seem to be working. There’s some hand-wringing, to be sure, about man’s practical barbarity to male though also some current concerns about a fortitude of a diversion itself, initial expelled in late 2015.

“Honestly, it pisses me off,” pronounced a user who goes by a hoop Kwehpot. “They couldn’t worry to ACTUALLY repair disarmament so we could grasp it ourselves, instead opting to go a easy track and do it themselves.”

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