Metal Gear Solid 5: After Months of Waiting Konami Finally Updates Nuke Numbers

metal rigging plain 5 a haunt pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s FOBs meta-game is critical to the Metal Gear lore (and a wild fans) for a series of reasons. Not usually does it yield replay value in spades, it also creates certain to bond dual really critical tract points from a Big Boss storyline to a commencement of a Solid Snake storyline in a strange MSX Metal Gear.

Upon completion, it is ostensible to tell important, tip sections of a story, though completing it sojourn a dream until now, interjection to a fact that it requires measureless coordination from any singular actor personification this meta-game. Konami has now supposing an refurbish for a series of nukes still accessible in a diversion in possession of players on any system, and it appears there is small to no progress.

The numbers have left adult on all systems solely a PC, on that there’s a poignant diminution (since Sep of final year), and on a Xbox 360, for that a numbers sojourn totally unchanged. Here’re a numbers for any system, as per a refurbish antiquated May 12th:

  • PS4: 2194
  • PS3: 917
  • Xbox One: 152
  • Xbox 360: 315
  • Steam: 8423

Looks like Big Boss’ (or Venom Snake’s) dream of finish disarmament stays a dream until now. But a Diamond Dogs have never been ones to behind out of a tough fight, have they?

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