‘Metal Gear Online’ DLC: Cloaked In Silence Launch Trailer Offers 3 Minute Preview Of New Content

The launch trailer for Metal Gear Online’s Cloaked In Silence DLC has been expelled by Konami, charity fans a brief glance of all a new calm bundled into MGO’s initial large expansion.

Of course, a biggest change in this week’s Metal Gear Online DLC is a further of Quiet, a lethal sniper introduced in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Quiet stays as lethal as ever in MGO, generally when given a possibility to take long-range shots during a hostile team, and she will positively turn a fan favorite in Metal Gear Online usually as she was in MGSV. But there’s a lot some-more than usually a new favourite impression being introduced this week.

The initial turn of Metal Gear Online DLC also includes 3 new maps. Coral Complex takes place on a sprawling collection of oil rigs, designed to demeanour like a partially-reconstructed Mother Base. The Rust Palace should also be informed to anyone who finished a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain campaign, returning players to a same decayed house where Snake and Quiet are forced to urge themselves from an heated ambush. Azure Mountain sees players lapse to Africa, where they’ll conflict one another in a buildings and plains surrounding a large stone famous as a Cradle of Spirits.

All 3 maps will be accessible to a whole Metal Gear Online community; however, those who select not to squeeze a DLC usually get to see a new locales in Survival mode. Of course, Konami is gating a game’s newest mode, too. Those who squeeze Cloaked In Silence get total entrance to Survival mode while those who select not to compensate will usually be means to play 10 matches per week.

For a closer demeanour during all of a calm in this week’s Cloaked In Silence DLC, check out a latest Metal Gear Online trailer from a folks during Konami. Then conduct down to a comments territory and let us know either or not you’re still personification Metal Gear Online with any regularity.

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