‘Metal Gear’ Anniversary: 5 questions we suspicion would be answered by a series’ 30th birthday

It’s Metal Gear’s 30th birthday, and we’re holding a demeanour behind during some of a questions we’ve been failing to know a answers to for years. The Metal Gear array has taken us opposite a universe and told us a stories of dual mythological soldiers and is truly a complicated epic.

Series creator Hideo Kojima’s depart from Konami seems to symbol a finish of a narrative, with usually a side story Metal Gear Survive streamer for release. Unfortunately, that leaves us with a ton of unanswered questions. Fans had hoped that 2015’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would hang a array up, though a final third of a diversion finished adult being rushed, and we were left with some-more tract holes and questions than ever (and that’s not counting non-canon entries).

Below are a 5 questions we’re failing to have answered about a Metal Gear saga.

(Editors Note: Massive spoilers for a whole Metal Gear array below)

Five questions we’re failing to have answered about Metal Gear

A lot of Metal Gear associated questions engage meaningful what characters were doing while they weren’t on screen. The dual that mount out a most, since of their inflection in their particular games, are EVA and Meryl Silverburgh.

1. Where did EVA go?

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We found out EVA was a triple representative in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and that she after assimilated Major Zero’s Patriots. She finished adult apropos a broker mom for a Les Enfants Terribles plan that resulted in a births of Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. However, between a final cassette tape, we hear from her in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker set in 1974, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of a Patriots set in 2014, all we know about her is that she somehow teamed adult with Naomi Hunter and Gray Fox to kill Para-Media in 2003. That’s a opening of 40 years.

Further complicating matters is that we don’t hear a sight from her in MGS5: The Phantom Pain. It could be argued that she was with a genuine Big Boss while Venom Snake was building Diamond Dogs, though though confirmation, there are 4 decades of EVA’s adventures we don’t know about.

2. Where did Meryl go?

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Meryl has a most smaller deficiency than EVA, though it’s vivid all a same. She plays a poignant purpose in a strange Metal Gear Solid set in 2005 though falls off a map after a conclusion. We don’t hear anything about her until MGS4 set in 2014. That’s roughly a decade of absence.

In MGS4 we learn she’s been operative in a US Army’s Criminal Investigation Command and leads her possess team. However, we don’t know any genuine sum of what she was adult to during a decade between MGS and MGS4.

3. What happens to Mother Base and a Diamond Dogs?

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One of a biggest holes in a Metal Gear criterion is a predestine of Mother Base and a Diamond Dogs. The finale of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is flattering abrupt, and we only kind of skip from Venom Snake heading a Diamond Dogs to him being in Outer Heaven. It would have been good to get a small some-more closure after spending a whole diversion with them.

4. What was Solid Snake’s story before Metal Gear?

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We got to see Eli’s (Liquid Snake) adolescence as a child infantryman during Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. However, we don’t get to see anything associated to David’s (Solid Snake) childhood in any Metal Gear entry. Seeing as they would have been a same age in MGSV, it seems like a missed event to offer some discernment into what Solid Snake’s early life was like besides a deceptive descriptions we’ve perceived so far.

5. What happened to Camp Omega?

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes had Big Boss infiltrating Camp Omega, a black site in Cuba, to rescue Paz and Chico, dual compatriots in 1974. That goal finished in disaster and set off a events that would start in MGSV, and we never find out what happens to Camp Omega.

Kojima teased during a lapse to Camp Omega in MGSV, though we never got any single-player calm set there. In fact, Camp Omega isn’t even mentioned in a diversion in a benefaction tense, so we don’t even know if it exists as of 1984 when The Phantom Pain takes place. Given a terrible events that transpired there in Ground Zeroes, a lapse to Camp Omega could have supposing fans some much-needed closure.

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