Meme-tastic ‘Sanic’ a Hedgehog invades The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild

Have we ever felt like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild is blank something? Maybe something little and blue?

Rejoice, given that unequivocally blue something is now accessible in Breath of a Wild, despite by a severe modding routine that unequivocally isn’t value a time to get going. To be clear, “Sanic,” or a bizarre, noodly-limbed meme-tastic chronicle of Sonic a Hedgehog, has been modded into a glorious Switch game, replacing Link himself.

Thanks to modder Hefty, we can entice Sanic into your possess diversion if we wish to take a time to do it, yet there are copiousness of stairs concerned that need we to obey a game. That’s not something you’ll wish to get into if we wish to stay legal, yet it’s probable to reconstruct a outcome yourself.

It’s flattering hilarious, given Sanic’s spare blue arms and legs demeanour as yet they can hardly support his weight. It’s even improved when we supply Sanic with boots or other equipment meant for Link, given a outcome is positively ludicrous. Words can’t do a outcome justice. You unequivocally only need to see it for yourself.

The 3D-rendered Sanic can do all Link can, yet funnier. The video shows off what happens when we supply him with a Hylian Shield and other items. He afterwards zooms off opposite a Hylian panorama with a corrupted, terrible chronicle of Sonic a Hedgehog music personification in a background. He’s gotta go fast, we know.

You can check out a mod here if you’re meddlesome in giving it a try.

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