Mega Man X is removing the possess anniversary trademark to support the 25th year

25 years of X

There’s a lot of anniversary celebrations this year, and lumping Mega Man X in with a 25th annual existence is something that totally slipped my mind.

The unfathomably forward of a time Mega Man X was expelled on Dec 17, 1993 on a SNES, and it seems like Capcom is acknowledging this with a special trademark and some gear. As speckled by folks in Japan, a re-release of a collectible label set (Rockman X: Mega Missions) heralded in a special logo, a initial of a kind for a non-“core” Mega Man series.

All we have to go on over some merch is that Capcom is re-releasing a Mega Man X series by approach of a “Collection” line, though there competence be something some-more in a works if they’re going by a bid of crafting a possess logo. While we doubt we’ll see a proclamation of Mega Man X at E3 or even this year (they unequivocally should see how Mega Man 11 goes first), we have a tummy feeling that there’s some-more than only merch copy in X‘s future.

KnightHayate [Twitter around Rockman Corner]

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