Mega Man Legacy Collection Review: This Series Still Bangs

It’s been some-more than 30 years given a strange game’s release, though a new collection on a Nintendo Switch ensures that Mega Man has never been some-more fun—or some-more accessible.

It has been some-more than 30 years given a initial Mega Man diversion arrived on a strange Nintendo, and we wish we age half as well. No matter how many years pass, Mega Man stays one of those games that keeps we watchful into a prolonged hours of a night, numb-fingered and bleary-eyed, convincing yourself we need to kick only one some-more Robot Master before we event off to bed.

Which is why, over a years, all a aged Mega Man games have been re-released and re-released and re-re-released. And since we am a sucker, we have purchased during slightest some of these games on a Nintendo Entertainment System and a Playstation 2 and a Nintendo 3DS and a iPhone. Now they’re on a Nintendo Switch, in a Mega Man Legacy Collection, and theory what? we bought that too!

Mega Man and a 9 (!) approach sequels to date follow Mega Man as he squares off opposite a garland of other robots—Wood Man, Drill Man, Centaur Man, et al.—who were combined by a insane scientist Dr. Wily. In his normal form, Mega Man is blue and uses a cannon built directly onto his arm, that has total ammunition. Whenever we improved a trainer robot, we benefit a ability to use that robot’s powers—weird things like a defense finished of leaves or a barb finished of snakes.

If you’ve never played a Mega Man game, that’s all we need to know. Probably more than we need to know, since a luminosity of these games is their simplicity. Run right. Jump. Shoot bad guys with your arm cannon. Probably die a garland of times. Repeat until we chuck your controller or a credits roll—whichever comes first.

It competence sound repetitive, though a diversion positively nails using and jumping, mixes in a small rock-paper-scissors plan so we can feat your enemies’ weaknesses, and asks a actor to master it all. And even if a gameplay loop wasn’t rock-solid, you’d have to admire Mega Man’s presentation, that includes some of a many noted graphics and song to seem on a strange NES. If we were origination a list of a best songs ever to beauty a system, a thesis from Dr. Wily’s palace in Mega Man 2 belongs right subsequent to “Vampire Killer” from Castlevania and a “Moon Theme” from Ducktales:

[takes long, gratifying drag on a cigarette] That’s a good shit.

I creatively played all of a Mega Man games as a kid, when prolonged Minnesota winters ensured that we had zero improved to do than lay down for hours and master a Mega Man with my buddies. As an adult, we don’t have unconstrained hours to lay down and play, so one of a qualities we admire many in a video diversion is Not Wasting My Time. So we was positively gay to learn that a new Mega Man Legacy Collection includes a new “rewind” feature, that allows a actor to retreat time, a la Prince of Persia, whenever they choose, only by holding a L button:

Is it cheating? Hell yes. Does it make these games way, approach some-more playable by any receptive complicated standard? Also ruin yes. For a initial time, we could tackle all of Mega Man’s many notoriously wily moments—invisible retard puzzles, instant-kill spike pits, that goddamn Yellow Devil—without gripping one shaken eye on how many additional lives we had stored up. And since a rewind apparatus is in your hands, we can use it however we want. If you’re feeling hardcore, we can omit it entirely.

But even though a rewind feature, it only feels good to lay down and play a Mega Man diversion again. If we play by a games in order, you’ll see a tweaks Capcom combined over a years: an arm cannon we can assign for additional damage, a cold and useful slip maneuver, a aforementioned drudge dog. But while it’s engaging to see a franchise’s small evolutionary stairs along a way, what’s unequivocally distinguished is how most Mega Man hasn’t changed, since a core gameplay was so parsimonious and gratifying from a beginning.

In fact, a strange Mega Man array is such an airtight, irrefutable origination that after many unnecessary attempts to reinvent a wheel, in games with subtitles like Battle Network and and ZX and Star Force, Capcom finally threw adult their hands and expelled 2008’s Mega Man 9, that looks and sounds and plays… accurately like a 6 strange Mega Man games that came out on a strange Nintendo. Mega Man 9 was so tenderly perceived that it got a sequel, Mega Man 10, in a same style. Both of those games are enclosed in a Mega Man Legacy Collection too.

And that brings us to the arriving Mega Man 11, that updates a graphics, though retains a simple 2D shooter/side-scroller gameplay of a 10 Mega Man games that came before it. And we wish they make a dozen more, since during a rate I’m knocking these out, I’ll be finished with a Mega Man Legacy Collection within a week.

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