Mega Man 11’s Devs Show Off The Room Sound Effects Are Made

By Alistair Wong . Jul 13, 2018 . 5:00pm

rockman 11 soundroom 1rockman 11 soundroom 1

The final part of Mega Man 11’s ‘making of’ array of videos talked about sound pattern and sound effects, and mid by a video a hide look into a sound effects room was shown, that has now gotten a possess ‘gaiden’ video.


rockman 11 soundroom 2rockman 11 soundroom 2


The video confirms that yes, a fit of armor shown off in a prior video indeed was used for sound effects in Mega Man 11, as robots in a Mega Man star are also finished of metal. However, not all of a tools were worn, as they didn’t need to constraint a full clunky sounds of full armor.


The fit of armor was also used to get a staff into a right mindset, as we would feel like a drudge yourself wearing it. They would also comprehend things like how we have really small operation of transformation in a armor, as planner Masakazu Eguchi found out when perplexing to adjust his glasses.


The helmet was also used for a sound effects for a Mettaurs that seem in a game.


rockman 11 soundroom 3rockman 11 soundroom 3


Sound executive Ryo Yoshii afterwards took out a shop-worn drum drum pedal, observant that it creates a improved sound than one that still works. They would use a squeaking sound constructed from a rusty shop-worn pedal alongside a apparatus seen in construction sites for a sound finished when robots pierce their knees.


However, a sounds by themselves are too tender and don’t fit with a atmosphere of Mega Man, they would supplement sounds from objects some-more informed to bland life (such as a tin kettle), as good as adjust it regulating a synthesizer, in sequence to ‘cute-ify’ it.


rockman 11 soundroom 4rockman 11 soundroom 4 rockman 11 soundroom 5rockman 11 soundroom 5


Everything in this room are materials for sound effects, and a recording is customarily also finished in this room as well.


rockman 11 soundroom 6rockman 11 soundroom 6


When asked either he considers what creates good sound effects in bland life, Yoshii admits that it’s spin something of an occupational illness for him. He would infrequently unexpected spin around and ask, “Wait, wasn’t that a good sound?”. One time, someone non-stop a cover of a lighter, and he felt a need to ask, “Hold on, what’s that sound?!”


As for a Mega Buster sound effect, or a sound outcome when Mega Man is damaged, and many other sound effects that go together with visible effects, those are finished with a synthesizer. So both synthesized and available sound effects are used in Mega Man 11.


Here’s a full video below:


Mega Man 11 will come to a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Oct 2, 2018.

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