Mega Man 11 Trailer Introduces Two Explosive New Robot Masters

Cody Perez6 months ago

Capcom expelled a code new Mega Man 11 trailer currently that introduces fans to dual some-more bomb Robot Masters that will be featured in a arriving movement platformer. The dual new bosses that a dear Blue Bomber will have to take on are Blast Man and Torch Man. The trailer gives us a glance of their abilities, attacks, and what their sold trainer fights are like.

Blast Man, in particular, has been shown off quickly in prior trailers for Mega Man 11 though this is a initial time he’s gotten this many attention. We get to see a good volume of a crazy bomb-centric abilities that Blast Man has. His sold trainer quarrel shows a ton of bombs thrown all during once that Mega Man will have to evasion and burst over. Additionally, he seems to have a power-up mode that sees him unleash insanely outrageous bombs.

The second Robot Master introduced in a many new Mega Man 11 trailer is Torch Man. His trainer quarrel seems even some-more crazy and fast-paced than Blast Man with crazy glow rings and attacks function all over a place. His power-up shows him overflow himself in a ton of abandon and unleash even some-more wildfire. You can see all of this for yourself in a trailer above.

However, we do suggest avoiding a Mega Man 11 if we wish to evasion any spoilers before a diversion comes out. Not usually does it spoil a trainer fights though their specific special weapons. From Blast Man, we can get a Chain Blast that allows a Blue Bomber to unleash a new form of bombs.

The Torch Man special arms is a Blazing Torch, that allows Mega Man to launch off arcing fire attacks during gullible enemies. Mega Man 11 releases after this year on Oct 2. While we wait, review adult about a arriving Mega Man cartoon.

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