Mega Man 11 central beam announced, initial Mega Man beam given 2006

I theory we could contend he’s back

Mega Man guides are only fun to moment open, generally for a latter exploration-centric entries. My favorite bit? All of a Robot Master sections, dainty descriptions and all; some even supplement some not-so-canon additional sum in for fun. we wish there’s lots of that in a new Mega Man 11 guide.

Yep, as Rockman Corner points out, Capcom has announced a initial Mega Man guide given 2006’s central ZX print. It’ll competition a 30 year jubilee territory of sorts, interviews “from a gifted minds” behind a game, a fan art section, a walkthrough naturally, and a digital copy.

Covering plan guides for any aged diversion isn’t a normal occurrence, though given that this book is a jubilee of 3 decades of Mega Man history it’s kind of a large deal. A lot is roving on Mega Man 11.

Mega Man 11: Official Collector’s Edition Guide [Amazon around Rockman Corner]

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