Mega Man 11 competence get a demo in September

A month before launch

A store of folks got to try Mega Man 11 during E3, though now a universe during vast will be means to download it if this news is correct.

True Achievements is saying that a demo for Mega Man 11 will go live on Sep 4 on Xbox One. It’ll engage a double rigging automechanic and Block Man’s stage, that fundamentally puts it inline with a build shown during E3. Given how good that was perceived and that a chronicle on arrangement was fundamentally a final build, I’m looking brazen to it.

Note that given a website is Xbox-centric they’ve only reliable it for that platform, though it will expected strike other systems as well. Mega Man 11 will arrive on Oct 2 worldwide, and there’s utterly a bit roving on it.

Mega Man 11 Demo Coming to a Xbox One Next Month [True Achievements]

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