Mega Man 11 Heats Up With a Debut of Torch Man

Slowly though surely, we’re removing an thought of what kind of Robot Masters a Blue Bomber will be going adult opposite in Mega Man 11. Today, during his San Diego Comic-Con panel, we got a demeanour during a latest one — and he’s a prohibited property.

Torch Man lives adult to his name, delivering a series of burning attacks that could simply leave Mega Man scorched. You can see him in movement in a trailer above.

Here’s some detailed fact about a character, true from Capcom:

“For a final refurbish we suggested Blast Man and his flighty thesis park, though a surprisingly cool-headed Torch Man trades out a densely packaged corridors of an deserted film studio for a sensuous timberland and campsite that he’s incited into his personal training drift to file his “Fist of Fire” technique. The unenlightened leaflet competence seem like a flattering surprising choice for a drudge whose shoulders are utterly literally ablaze, though before Torch Man incited evil, he used to learn campers about glow safety. What irony!

Mega Man 11 3

“Starting during a edges of a campsite, your halcyon travel in a woods is fast interrupted by a many robots littering a forest. With enemies both out and about underneath a twilight sky and stealing divided in tents propped adult along your path, you’ll have to watch your step navigating a platforms and perils sparse around a stage. Further complicating things are heavily forested areas, preventing even a faintest light from resplendent by and creation platforms unfit to see. Fortunately, some friendly-looking lantern-shaped owls can assistance light your way, creation it easier to see where you’re headed. How helpful! Unfortunately, they also try to season burning globs of gas on to Mega Man, creation it that most harder to get where you’re going. How… awkward.

“About median between we and your goal to lard Torch Man is an halcyon theatre of Metalls collected around a bonfire. It’s engaging saying so many of them not stealing underneath their helmets – maybe they’re usually bashful when Mega Man is nearby. The pacific theatre is fast cracked by Sparkey, a burning turkey that’s so dismissed up, a glow on a behind will locate your Mega Buster shots! Erratically jumping around a arena, this burning fowl lays eggs that induce into smaller robots, so you’ll have to watch your feet and put a Speed Gear to good use while focusing glow – or rather, attacks – on a exposed areas. Once this mid-boss has cooled off a bit, unleash all you’ve got to fry it for good.

“There’s a lot some-more to Torch Man’s theatre as well, with divergent mazes to navigate and wily platforms station in your approach as walls of glow bear down on you. If you’re starting to feel a heat, Rush is usually a symbol press away! Use Mega Man’s true drudge dog to rebound adult and divided from formidable enemies, and activate a Speed Gear to give yourself a bit of additional time so we don’t breeze adult charbroiled.

“When we finally locate adult to Torch Man, a woods fervent behind him (nobody told him usually he can forestall timberland fires), you’ll have to understanding with most some-more than a bit of glow here and there. Torch Man is surprisingly nimble, display that he’s not usually a footman of fire, though a “Torch-jutsu” martial humanities master as well! Time your jumps and slides good to evasion fireballs and scheme your approach around Torch Man’s red prohibited kicks while removing attacks in. Don’t dump your guard, or else we competence find yourself during a forgiveness of this Robot Master’s burning suggestion when he loses his temper.”

Mega Man 11 2


And finally, we got information on what arms Mega Man can acquire from a downed Torch Man. “Stamping out Torch Man will extend we Blazing Torch, a arms that diagonally fires a round of impassioned glow into a air! Just like a Robot Master this arms comes from, any burning round comes crashing behind down as a withering projectile, suggestive of Torch Man’s blazing kicks. Using a Power Gear, we can supercharge a pierce to spin adult a feverishness and glow off 3 projectiles during once!”

Things will get prohibited for Mega Man 11 when it debuts on Oct 2 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC! You can see some-more Torch Man screens here.

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