Mega Man 11 has sole 1 million copies and counting, baby!

As highlighted by Rockman Corner, Capcom’s Platinum Titles list papers that Mega Man 11 has now sole 1 million copies and counting. Of Capcom’s all-time top-selling games, this pretension is now placed during #89. (Monster Hunter: World is #1 with an unusual 14.1 million copies sold, definitely eclipsing #2 Resident Evil 5 during 7.5 million copies sold.) In forward sequence of sales, Mega Man 11 now joins Mega Man 2, Mega Man Battle Network 4, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legacy Collection, and Mega Man 3 for carrying sole over 1 million copies.

This is a superb fulfilment for a authorization that Capcom was hardly ancillary only a few years ago. It’s satisfactory to contend we are in a midst of a Mega Man rebirth now, given a new Mega Man diversion has been decided, a Mega Man X mobile diversion is on the right track, Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is incoming, and even a live-action Mega Man film is in a works.

In gaming, we have 3 primary obsessions: Super Nintendo, JRPGs, and — yep — Mega Man, so I’m only overjoyed to see a impression entrance behind in a large way, hence my stupid, overly eager pretension for this article. Let us know if you’re also celebrating a success of Mega Man 11, and of a authorization in ubiquitous recently.


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