Mega Man 11 Gets Energy-Pumping Collaboration With Red Bull Crashed Ice Sports Event

By Alistair Wong . Nov 8, 2018 . 4:00pm

red longhorn male 1red longhorn male 1

Capcom and Red Bull announced currently that they are teaming adult to have Mega Man foster a arriving Red Bull Crashed Ice skating sports eventuality that will be hold for a initial time in Japan in Yokohama this year.


red longhorn male 2red longhorn male 2

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A special site has been combined for a collaboration, with a minigame playable around web browser on smartphones or PC here. In it, we play as Mega Man ice skating opposite Mega Man 11’s Tundra Man in a competition to a goal. E-Tanks won’t save we here, as touching anything is a one-hit kill in this race. Instead, a new R-Tank (Red Bull) will renovate Mega Man’s demeanour and literally give him wings that speed him adult and give total strength to keep dashing.


By violence Tundra Man, we transparent a second Extreme problem opposite Air Man.


red longhorn manred longhorn man

By personification a minigame and tweeting out your time, we can enter a propitious pull for a six-pack of Red Bull, a transparent folder with Mega Man’s new design, and maybe even a duplicate of Mega Man 11 for PlayStation 4.


red longhorn male 5red longhorn male 5


Finally, Mega Man 11 will be featured as partial of a contest during a Red Bull Monday Night Streaks eventuality during Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo.


Mega Man 11 is accessible on a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A demo is accessible on a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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