Mega Man 11 Demo Coming In September

Mega Man 11

We’ll have to wait until a commencement of Oct to see what a destiny binds for Mega Man, though Capcom will apparently give us a event to exam expostulate a Blue Bomber’s latest tour a small sooner.

Based on this news from True Achievements, a inventory for a demo of a stirring Mega Man 11 has been suggested on a Xbox One Store, indicating that it will arrive on Sep 4. Other platforms haven’t been suggested only yet, though deliberation that 11 is also entrance to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, it’s a protected gamble we’ll see it on those as well.

Details on a demo are flattering light, though it seems like it’ll let players check out some new gameplay systems, while also introducing one of a Robot Masters you’ll come across. The demo will “take on all kinds of enemies and traps in a Block Man stage” and concede we to “use a new Double Gear complement to delayed down time or energy adult your shots and take down that boss.”

That’s about all a information we have on a demo so far. Now, Capcom hasn’t reliable it only yet, though this is over on a Xbox Store so it looks flattering central during this point. And let’s be honest, a demo would unequivocally be good for this game, convincing players that Mega Man’s latest journey is good value picking up. We’ll let we know once Capcom strictly confirms it for all platforms.


Here’s a summation of Mega Man 11’s jam-packed features!

  • Long-awaited Sequel – Evil talent Dr. Wily is behind to his mischievous ways and invests in an desirous thought from his time during Robot University. The good Dr. Light decides to ascent Mega Man with Wily’s absolute antecedent famous as a Double Gear system, expanding his abilities for a biggest quarrel nonetheless for secure peace.
  • A Visual Leap – Taking a jump brazen in visible presentation, a new diversion facilities a 2.5D pattern instruction that blends beautiful, hand-drawn environments with sharp-witted characters. New to a classical series, Mega Man now also takes on characteristics of degraded Robot Masters when wielding their weapons.
  • Powerful New Gameplay Options – The Double Gear complement adds a singular new turn on a gratifying platforming action, charity options to raise Mega Man’s speed and energy on a fly.
  • For Vets and First-timers – A resources of problem options are accessible for a actor of any platformer ability level. Controls for an on-screen

Mega Man 11 releases on Oct 2 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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